Transport stop Street Pokryshkina

Russian name:  остановка Улица Покрышкина

This section contains complete information about stopping the Street Pokryshkina In Moscow. The exact description of the ongoing land transport routes, the nearest railway platforms and subway stations, will allow you to greatly save your time! In the sections "Infrastructure" and "Organization" You can see all the agencies and entities that are nearby stop Street Pokryshkina.

Also, using our electronic map of Moscow, learn the location of the stop Street Pokryshkina. Where there is a stop? How to get to the bus stop? How to find the nearest stop? On our site you will find answers to such questions.

Street Pokryshkina on the map, transport routes, organizations nearby of this stop

Passing routes of transport on Street Pokryshkina stop

Transport links to this stop

Rail station Ochakovo - 2 500 meters

Rail station Skolkovo - 2 900 meters

Rail station Matveevskaya - 4 500 meters

Subway station Yugo-Zapadnaya1 - 710 meters

Subway station Prospekt Vernadskogo1 - 2 600 meters

Subway station Belyayevo6 - 4 300 meters

Subway station Kalujskaya6 - 4 400 meters

Subway station Kon`kovo6 - 4 600 meters

Bus stop Akademiya pri prezidente RF - 350 meters

Bus stop Street academician Anokhina 26 - 350 meters

Bus stop Gorodskoy kardiologichesky dispanser - 370 meters

Bus stop MIRYeA, Akademiya pri prezidente RF - 640 meters

Bus stop Street academician Anokhina - 650 meters

Organizations nearby of Street Pokryshkina stop

Aardvarkcategory: Services320 meters
Elenacategory: Interior, construction of housing150 meters
Geliosacategory: Beauty80 meters
Na Pokryshkina, torgovy tsentrcategory: Trading80 meters
Nemetskaya Programma Mva-Moskvacategory: Education, career360 meters
№19category: Auto and Moto410 meters
Parikmakherskayacategory: Beauty410 meters
Pensionnogo Fonda Rf Uchebno-Metodichesky Tsentrcategory: Education, career130 meters
Promindustriya Agcategory: Construction and repair80 meters
Protsessingovy Tsentrcategory: Transport and Logistics320 meters
Public.Ru Publichnaya Bibliotekacategory: Culture, Arts320 meters
Rio Igrovoy Klubcategory: Leisure150 meters
REMJILSERVIS - №7 uchastokcategory: Real estate410 meters
Sotis, salon krasotycategory: Beauty190 meters
Stroykomcategory: Construction and repair410 meters
Tatneft`-Azs-Zapadcategory: Industry320 meters
Tatneft`-Azs-Zapad - Moskovsky Filialcategory: Industry320 meters
Tatneft`-Azs-Zapad - Podmoskovny Filialcategory: Industry320 meters
Tor Kompaniyacategory: Computers and office equipments320 meters