Transport stop Mitino

Russian name:  остановка «Митино»

This section contains complete information about stopping the Mitino In Moscow. The exact description of the ongoing land transport routes, the nearest railway platforms and subway stations, will allow you to greatly save your time! In the sections "Infrastructure" and "Organization" You can see all the agencies and entities that are nearby stop Mitino.

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Mitino on the map, transport routes, organizations nearby of this stop

This stop is located near the subway station Mitino - Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line
From the other Metro stations can be reached on:

Passing routes of transport on Mitino stop

You can get there by 3 stops:

from subway station Pyatnickoe shosse3minibus №876, minibus №451M

You can reach it by 4 stops:

from subway station Planernaya7bus №959

You can travel by 5 stops:

from subway station Pyatnickoe shosse3bus №32-KRASNOGORSK, bus №240

You can get there by 6 stops:

from subway station Volokolamskaya3bus №930, minibus №456M, minibus №117M

You can reach it by 7 stops:

from subway station Volokolamskaya3minibus №468M

Transport links to this stop

Rail station Trikotajnaya - 2 900 meters

Rail station Pavshino - 3 600 meters

Rail station Krasnogorskaya - 5 000 meters

Subway station Mitino3 - 40 meters

Subway station Pyatnickoe shosse3 - 1 100 meters

Subway station Volokolamskaya3 - 1 900 meters

Subway station Myakinskaya3 - 2 900 meters

Bus stop Mitino - 200 meters

Bus stop Mitinskaya ulitsa, dom 48 - 480 meters

Bus stop Baryshikha street - 490 meters

Bus stop Mitinskaya ulitsa, 32 - 520 meters

Bus stop 3th Mitinsky lane - 630 meters

Organizations nearby of Mitino stop

Avangard Mosk. Kollegiya Advokatovcategory: Services360 meters
Ayfler Studiya Floristikicategory: Animals and plants290 meters
Bliznetsy-Severcategory: Animals and plants200 meters
Byustyecategory: Clothing, footwear70 meters
Cats & Dogscategory: Animals and plants70 meters
Chester Saloncategory: Clothing, footwear70 meters
Detsky Mircategory: Children70 meters
Djezvacategory: Restaurant Business70 meters
Dlya Doma I Druzeycategory: Interior, construction of housing200 meters
Dolce Vitacategory: Clothing, footwear70 meters
Domcategory: Construction and repair200 meters
Golubeva Pavla Salon-Atelyecategory: Clothing, footwear200 meters
Il` De Botecategory: Beauty70 meters
Investstroy-Kcategory: Real estate200 meters
Ion Tsifrovoy Tsentrcategory: Connection70 meters
Ivm Medserviscategory: Medicine and Health220 meters
Khash-Khashcategory: Clothing, footwear70 meters
Khoroshiye Novosticategory: Media, Print200 meters
Khudojestvenny Saloncategory: Culture, Arts200 meters
Konfederatsiya Krasoty, salon krasotycategory: Beauty70 meters
Kristi, parikmakherskayacategory: Beauty270 meters
Kroshka-Kartoshkacategory: Restaurant Business70 meters
La Gitaracategory: Culture, Arts160 meters
Lefutur Magazin Udivitel`nykh Veshcheycategory: Interior, construction of housing70 meters
Lyuksorcategory: Culture, Arts70 meters
Magazincategory: Clothing, footwear290 meters
Magazin Goryashchikh Putevokcategory: Tourism, hotel business220 meters
Magistral` Tcategory: Connection200 meters
Malen`ky Geny Magazincategory: Children70 meters
Massaj dlya zdorov`yacategory: Medicine and Health170 meters
Master-Key-Spektrcategory: Industry200 meters
Mitinocategory: Culture, Arts230 meters
Mitino-19category: Real estate220 meters
Mitino-26category: Real estate260 meters
Nikko Kompaniyacategory: Services70 meters
5 Karmanovcategory: Clothing, footwear70 meters
Obshchestvo Invalidov-Chernobyl`tsev R-Na Mitinocategory: People with disabilities280 meters
Ochkarik Saloncategory: Medicine and Health70 meters
Odejda Na Mitinskoycategory: Clothing, footwear200 meters
Okna I Remontcategory: Interior, construction of housing270 meters
Okna Patekcategory: Interior, construction of housing220 meters
Perfekt Treydcategory: Interior, construction of housing160 meters
Rekon Narodnaya Strakhovaya Kompaniya Ooocategory: Finance and insurance160 meters
Remit Gskcategory: Auto and Moto360 meters
Kfccategory: Restaurant Business70 meters
Selacategory: Clothing, footwear70 meters
Sema Detsky Tsentrcategory: Children200 meters
Stolichny Torgovy Bankcategory: Finance and insurance200 meters
Stomatologiya Xxi Vekcategory: Medicine and Health200 meters
Teremok Torgovy Tsentrcategory: Trading70 meters
TsentrObuv`category: Clothing, footwear160 meters
TsentrObuv`category: Clothing, footwear160 meters
TSJ “ul. Mitinskaya d. 27”category: Government agencies200 meters
Vostochny Bazarcategory: Restaurant Business70 meters
Votchina Dom Nedvijimosticategory: Real estate160 meters
Woolstreetcategory: Clothing, footwear70 meters
Yekonom-Parikmakherskayacategory: Beauty290 meters
Zarinacategory: Clothing, footwear70 meters