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Street Marshal Vershinina stopping | All bus stops of Moscow

Transport stop Street Marshal Vershinina

Russian name:  остановка Улица Маршала Вершинина

This section contains complete information about stopping the Street Marshal Vershinina In Moscow. The exact description of the ongoing land transport routes, the nearest railway platforms and subway stations, will allow you to greatly save your time! In the sections "Infrastructure" and "Organization" You can see all the agencies and entities that are nearby stop Street Marshal Vershinina.

Also, using our electronic map of Moscow, learn the location of the stop Street Marshal Vershinina. Where there is a stop? How to get to the bus stop? How to find the nearest stop? On our site you will find answers to such questions.

Street Marshal Vershinina on the map, transport routes, organizations nearby of this stop

Transport links to this stop

Rail station Leningradskaya - 2 700 meters

Rail station Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo - 2 700 meters

Rail station Krasny Baltiyets - 3 500 meters

Rail station Begovaya - 4 300 meters

Rail station Grajdanskaya - 4 400 meters

Subway station Oktyabr`skoye pole7 - 280 meters

Subway station Sokol2 - 2 200 meters

Subway station Polejayevskaya7 - 2 400 meters

Subway station Shchukinskaya7 - 2 600 meters

Subway station Ayeroport2 - 2 900 meters

Bus stop Street Marshal Vershinina 8 - 220 meters

Bus stop Marshal Vershinina ulitsa, 8 - 250 meters

Bus stop Marshal Sokolovskogo street - 280 meters

Bus stop Oktyabr`skoye pole - 300 meters

Bus stop Street General Berzarina - 480 meters

Organizations nearby of Street Marshal Vershinina stop

Aktiv Finanscategory: Finance and insurance270 meters
Art b`yuti, salon krasotycategory: Beauty270 meters
Bersonicategory: Interior, construction of housing260 meters
Blok Blyekcategory: Computers and office equipments170 meters
Byurovcategory: Construction and repair260 meters
Dentcategory: Medicine and Health370 meters
Dipol` Plyuscategory: Computers and office equipments110 meters
Dorstar Mcategory: Construction and repair370 meters
Inter-Soyacategory: Foodstuffs190 meters
Interstroy-Kholding-R Kompaniyacategory: Real estate110 meters
Inyek Kholdingovaya Kompaniyacategory: Municipal services and utilities170 meters
Jmurko Svetlana Evgenyevna Advokatcategory: Services190 meters
Kakhovka-Aremyekscategory: Tourism, hotel business410 meters
Karetacategory: Tourism, hotel business270 meters
Khodynka Gos. Vystavochny Zalcategory: Culture, Arts370 meters
Khoum Kredit yend Finans Bankcategory: Finance and insurance60 meters
Klinrum Instrumentscategory: Industrial equipment270 meters
Kompaniya Roznichnogo Kreditovaniyacategory: Finance and insurance60 meters
Ladistencategory: Science140 meters
Megapircategory: Interior, construction of housing370 meters
Mosstroyyekonombankcategory: Finance and insurance60 meters
Oktyabr` Dom Kul`turycategory: Culture, Arts140 meters
OOO Royal Vizioncategory: Construction and repair270 meters
Pushkino Bank - Otozvana Litsenziyacategory: Finance and insurance60 meters
RAVIOLI (predstavitel`stvo)category: Foodstuffs190 meters
Rimma Saloncategory: Medicine and Health120 meters
Saturn Mnppcategory: Science230 meters
Serdtseedki, parikmakherskayacategory: Beauty270 meters
Severo-Zapadnogo Adm. Okruga - №221category: Culture, Arts410 meters
Severo-Zapadnogo Adm. Okruga - №98 (Detskaya)category: Culture, Arts190 meters
Spi Polimercategory: Interior, construction of housing270 meters
Stroyremkomplekscategory: Real estate270 meters
Tdkmcategory: Trading370 meters
Tovary Detyamcategory: Children130 meters
Treydingcategory: Municipal services and utilities340 meters
Tsska-Promenadcategory: Culture, Arts140 meters
Tvintreyding Kompanicategory: Foodstuffs270 meters
Vasha parikmakherskayacategory: Beauty60 meters
Vel`mojacategory: Office110 meters
Vera Na Berzarinacategory: Auto and Moto410 meters
Yer-Stroycategory: Interior, construction of housing410 meters
Yuniti-Danacategory: Media, Print260 meters