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Kinokontsertny zal Orion stopping | All bus stops of Moscow

Transport stop Kinokontsertny zal Orion

Russian name:  остановка Киноконцертный зал «Орион»

This section contains complete information about stopping the Kinokontsertny zal Orion In Moscow. The exact description of the ongoing land transport routes, the nearest railway platforms and subway stations, will allow you to greatly save your time! In the sections "Infrastructure" and "Organization" You can see all the agencies and entities that are nearby stop Kinokontsertny zal Orion.

Also, using our electronic map of Moscow, learn the location of the stop Kinokontsertny zal Orion. Where there is a stop? How to get to the bus stop? How to find the nearest stop? On our site you will find answers to such questions.

Kinokontsertny zal Orion on the map, transport routes, organizations nearby of this stop

Passing routes of transport on Kinokontsertny zal Orion stop

You can travel by 4 stops:

from subway station Babushkinskaya6minibus №46M

You can get there by 7 stops:

from subway station Medvedkovo6bus №601

Transport links to this stop

Rail station Losinoostrovskaya - 740 meters

Rail station Los` - 2 600 meters

Rail station Severyanin - 2 800 meters

Rail station Perlovskaya - 4 200 meters

Rail station Yauza - 4 400 meters

Subway station Babushkinskaya6 - 790 meters

Subway station Sviblovo6 - 2 100 meters

Subway station Medvedkovo6 - 2 300 meters

Subway station Botanichesky sad6 - 3 500 meters

Subway station Otradnoye9 - 4 600 meters

Bus stop Street Rudnevoy - 120 meters

Bus stop Rynok Severny - 280 meters

Bus stop Universam - 280 meters

Bus stop Street Menjinskogo - 420 meters

Bus stop Cinema Arktika - 430 meters

Organizations nearby of Kinokontsertny zal Orion stop

Advokatskaya Kontoracategory: Services290 meters
Aksis Mnppcategory: Industrial equipment240 meters
Akva Xxicategory: Sport320 meters
Aromatny Mircategory: Foodstuffs160 meters
Avfcategory: Foodstuffs290 meters
Avm Sportivny Klubcategory: Sport320 meters
Barion Ostcategory: Security290 meters
Daydji, parikmakherskayacategory: Beauty270 meters
Dianacategory: Services130 meters
Fotografiyacategory: Services170 meters
Gala Val`s Magazin-Atelyecategory: Culture, Arts110 meters
Inkomcategory: Real estate290 meters
Kamillacategory: Security110 meters
Kantimcategory: Medicine and Health160 meters
Kobrcategory: Security120 meters
Koni I Poni Magazincategory: Animals and plants210 meters
Lavanda B`yankacategory: Services250 meters
Le Malicategory: Construction and repair110 meters
Lukina Nina Aleksandrovnacategory: Law270 meters
Lyuksorcategory: Culture, Arts110 meters
Navigatorcategory: Finance and insurance110 meters
Navigator-Yencategory: Security170 meters
Newpostercategory: Culture, Arts110 meters
№327-129327category: Connection270 meters
Nuga Bestcategory: Medicine and Health110 meters
Orion Tantseval`no-Sportivnaya Shkolacategory: Culture, Arts110 meters
Pervy Moskovsky Yuridichesky Tsentrcategory: Services290 meters
Plitka & Stupenicategory: Construction and repair250 meters
Polyus Kafe-Morojenoyecategory: Restaurant Business270 meters
Promteplocategory: Industrial equipment290 meters
Promyenergetikacategory: Industrial equipment290 meters
Rbk-Nedvijimost`category: Real estate170 meters
Severo-Vostochnogo Adm. Okruga - №13category: Medicine and Health210 meters
Severyanin Pel`mennayacategory: Restaurant Business290 meters
Sharovnyacategory: Leisure110 meters
Sillodjikcategory: Interior, construction of housing170 meters
Skoraya Pomoshch` Dlya Vashego Komp`yuteracategory: Computers and office equipments190 meters
Slavtsvetcategory: Animals and plants320 meters
Sotacategory: Medicine and Health250 meters
Status-Optikacategory: Medicine and Health290 meters
Tatamicategory: Restaurant Business270 meters
Tekhnokomplektcategory: Industrial equipment220 meters
Universitetov: - Moskovskogo Gos. Oblastnogo Universiteta (Mgou)category: Tourism, hotel business490 meters
Vap-Serviscategory: Office270 meters
Vysshy Pilotajcategory: Leisure110 meters
Yegoistkacategory: Beauty110 meters
Yekonom-Parikmakherskayacategory: Beauty210 meters
Kafe Sfera - 1category: Restaurant Business280 meters