Transport stop Kapel`sky lane

Russian name:  остановка Капельский переулок

This section contains complete information about stopping the Kapel`sky lane In Moscow. The exact description of the ongoing land transport routes, the nearest railway platforms and subway stations, will allow you to greatly save your time! In the sections "Infrastructure" and "Organization" You can see all the agencies and entities that are nearby stop Kapel`sky lane.

Also, using our electronic map of Moscow, learn the location of the stop Kapel`sky lane. Where there is a stop? How to get to the bus stop? How to find the nearest stop? On our site you will find answers to such questions.

Kapel`sky lane on the map, transport routes, organizations nearby of this stop

Passing routes of transport on Kapel`sky lane stop

You can get there by 1 stop:

from subway station Prospekt Mira5trolleybus №9, minibus №379M

You can get there by 10 stops:

from subway station VDNKh6trolleybus №14

You can reach it by 11 stops:

from subway station VDNKh6trolleybus №37, trolleybus №48, trolleybus №9, minibus №397M, minibus №379M

Transport links to this stop

Rail station Rijsky vokzal - 1 100 meters

Rail station Rjevskaya - 1 100 meters

Rail station Leningradsky vokzal - 1 300 meters

Rail station Kalanchevskaya - 1 400 meters

Rail station Yaroslavsky vokzal - 1 500 meters

Subway station Prospekt Mira5 - 330 meters

Subway station Rijskaya6 - 1 000 meters

Subway station Sukharevskaya6 - 1 300 meters

Subway station Dostoyevskaya10 - 1 300 meters

Subway station Tsvetnoy bul`var9 - 1 600 meters

Bus stop Prospekt Mira - 370 meters

Bus stop Banny lane - 380 meters

Bus stop Street Large Pereyaslavskaya - 410 meters

Bus stop Orlovo-Davydovsky lane - 450 meters

Bus stop Protopopovsky lane - 600 meters

Organizations nearby of Kapel`sky lane stop

Akonit-Ecategory: Services180 meters
Al`bina Tsentr Magiicategory: Services120 meters
Aleksey Kryukov I Partnerycategory: Services120 meters
Alettacategory: Education, career210 meters
Alyye Parusa Kadrovoye Agentstvocategory: Education, career150 meters
Anonimny Tsentr Diagnostiki I Lecheniyacategory: Medicine and Health130 meters
Apriori Tryevelcategory: Tourism, hotel business120 meters
Armada Pccategory: Computers and office equipments40 meters
Armsing Komp`yuterny Klubcategory: Leisure100 meters
Aromatny Mircategory: Foodstuffs70 meters
Artoks Glaznaya Klinikacategory: Medicine and Health210 meters
Audit, Konsalting I Pravo +category: Finance and insurance120 meters
Avto-Auditcategory: Finance and insurance120 meters
Ayerostayl Kcategory: Tourism, hotel business120 meters
BALET jurnalcategory: Media, Print120 meters
Baykonur Federal`ny Kosmichesky Tsentrcategory: Science280 meters
BCL (predstavitel`stvo)category: Foodstuffs240 meters
Bdn-Prometcategory: Farming240 meters
Belaned-7category: Interior, construction of housing210 meters
Belorussky fermercategory: Foodstuffs70 meters
Berklayn-Yeksklyuzivcategory: Clothing, footwear70 meters
Bezopasny Biznescategory: Security210 meters
Bi Pi Bicategory: Construction and repair250 meters
Biokompakt-T Ppkcategory: Industrial equipment340 meters
Blik Sncategory: Services130 meters
Bluescategory: Interior, construction of housing130 meters
Bolari Laboratoriya Nezavisimoy Otsenkicategory: Services210 meters
Bridj-004category: Industry210 meters
Brizencategory: Tourism, hotel business250 meters
Bulnet B.V.category: Farming120 meters
Buzz Productioncategory: Advertising, printing340 meters
ChIP i DIP magazincategory: Industry210 meters
Chip Industriyacategory: Industry210 meters
Chasartcategory: Advertising, printing260 meters
Datecategory: Transport and Logistics250 meters
Dekalogcategory: Advertising, printing130 meters
DentaKlasscategory: Medicine and Health210 meters
Didjital Yekspresscategory: Advertising, printing120 meters
Dividi Lyendcategory: Internet180 meters
Doveriye Prezidentsky Klubcategory: Social organizations120 meters
DYuNA 98 magazincategory: Interior, construction of housing120 meters
Epson Europe B.V.category: International Business280 meters
Esabcategory: Industrial equipment280 meters
Evromikscategory: Industrial equipment120 meters
Evrostayl Yelitcategory: Advertising, printing120 meters
Fantasy Waycategory: Tourism, hotel business340 meters
Finansovy Mircategory: Leisure260 meters
Finsovetcategory: Finance and insurance250 meters
Forte & Pianocategory: Culture, Arts180 meters
Fotomircategory: Trading100 meters
Fs Konsaltingcategory: Services260 meters
Galereya Sovremennogo Shedevracategory: Culture, Arts120 meters
Geospetsstroycategory: Construction and repair120 meters
Giproplastcategory: Science210 meters
Golden Layncategory: Connection440 meters
Gpz Vneshnetorgovaya Firmacategory: Industry120 meters
Grado-Spetsstroy Arkhitekturnaya Masterskayacategory: Real estate250 meters
Gradostroitel`stva Niipicategory: Science250 meters
Grand Tur Voyajcategory: Tourism, hotel business120 meters
Green Applecategory: Tourism, hotel business150 meters
Ifs Russiacategory: Computers and office equipments340 meters
Iness, salon krasotycategory: Beauty120 meters
Institut Pozitivnoy Psikhoterapiicategory: Education, career150 meters
Intermarket Konsaltingcategory: Tourism, hotel business340 meters
Interservistryevelcategory: Tourism, hotel business210 meters
Inturayerocategory: Transport and Logistics140 meters
Itekcategory: Medicine and Health150 meters
Itema-Turcategory: Tourism, hotel business340 meters
Ivacategory: Beauty260 meters
K2Kapitalcategory: Media, Print260 meters
Kalevacategory: Interior, construction of housing120 meters
Kameliyacategory: Advertising, printing260 meters
Karavella Morskaya Kruiznaya Kompaniyacategory: Transport and Logistics140 meters
Khoum Kredit yend Finans Bankcategory: Finance and insurance160 meters
Khyepincategory: Restaurant Business120 meters
Klaris-Mcategory: Culture, Arts110 meters
Koktebel`category: Restaurant Business160 meters
Komissionny magazincategory: Interior, construction of housing260 meters
Kommetpromcategory: Industry280 meters
Kontinent-Nedvijimost`category: Real estate210 meters
Kosmotranscategory: Science280 meters
Koyotcategory: Restaurant Business100 meters
KPD Stroycategory: Construction and repair340 meters
Krasnoyarskiye Avialiniicategory: Transport and Logistics280 meters
Kriar Auditorsko-Konsaltingovaya Kompaniyacategory: Finance and insurance210 meters
Krona-M Kompaniyacategory: Industry210 meters
Krona Monitoringovaya Kompaniyacategory: Security210 meters
Kukhni Legnacategory: Interior, construction of housing120 meters
Kvadracategory: Tourism, hotel business120 meters
Lyetual` Butikcategory: Beauty130 meters
La Dig, salon krasotycategory: Beauty120 meters
Lesyekspertcategory: Trading210 meters
Lider Strakhovoye Obshchestvocategory: Finance and insurance260 meters
Lizavetacategory: Restaurant Business180 meters
Lizingserviscategory: Industry150 meters
Logistranscategory: Transport and Logistics120 meters
Luchshiye Traditsii Derevyannogo Domostroyeniyacategory: Construction and repair140 meters
Macomnetcategory: Connection200 meters
Maksinyetcategory: Computers and office equipments250 meters
Mazda-Avtocategory: Auto and Moto250 meters
Mediamikscategory: Advertising, printing340 meters
Medium Goldcategory: Computers and office equipments120 meters
Megayelcategory: Trading150 meters
Mejdunarodny raschetny bankcategory: Finance and insurance100 meters
Mi-Particategory: Clothing, footwear120 meters
Millenium Bankcategory: Finance and insurance260 meters
Mk-Periodikacategory: Media, Print210 meters
Monikicategory: Medicine and Health470 meters
MONIKI - Konsul`tativnaya poliklinikacategory: Medicine and Health470 meters
Moskhlebcategory: Industry340 meters
Moskovskaya Oblastnayacategory: Medicine and Health470 meters
Moskovsky Oblastnoycategory: Medicine and Health470 meters
Moskovsky Oblastnoy Meditsinsky Kolledj (Mosomk)category: Education, career470 meters
Mosupakovkacategory: Advertising, printing340 meters
Ms Gruppcategory: Children100 meters
Mul`tidentcategory: Medicine and Health170 meters
Neftekomplektoborudovaniyecategory: Industrial equipment210 meters
Neliancategory: Medicine and Health120 meters
Nexuscategory: Computers and office equipments40 meters
Nice Connectioncategory: Trading70 meters
Nil`s I Ko.category: Computers and office equipments340 meters
Nitar Gruppa Kompanycategory: Foodstuffs120 meters
№110-129110category: Connection100 meters
Nomos-Bankcategory: Finance and insurance160 meters
Novy Proyekt R-Studiyacategory: Interior, construction of housing240 meters
Novy Strakhovoy Al`yanscategory: Finance and insurance150 meters
Oggicategory: Clothing, footwear130 meters
Oknariumcategory: Interior, construction of housing340 meters
OLDERLI (predstavitel`stvo)category: Industrial equipment210 meters
Optika-Prestijcategory: Medicine and Health120 meters
Optikoncategory: Medicine and Health150 meters
Otto Tsentr Zakazovcategory: Trading120 meters
Paritetcategory: Clothing, footwear160 meters
Podushkincategory: Tourism, hotel business260 meters
Preeshepkacategory: Clothing, footwear150 meters
Prisskocategory: Security210 meters
Proksi Investitsionnaya Kompaniyacategory: Real estate210 meters
Promo Racategory: Advertising, printing120 meters
Prosvetleniyecategory: Social organizations250 meters
PSK GorStroycategory: Interior, construction of housing210 meters
Punto Floralcategory: Animals and plants140 meters
Raduga Zvukov Tsentry Khoroshego Slukhacategory: Medicine and Health470 meters
Rbrcategory: Finance and insurance340 meters
Real-Artcategory: Audio, video, home appliances340 meters
Registratsiyacategory: Law120 meters
Rembyttekhnika-Plyuscategory: Services180 meters
Remstroytrest Dzerjinskycategory: Construction and repair150 meters
Rtk-Investcategory: Connection360 meters
Sangeytcategory: Transport and Logistics210 meters
Sberegatel`noye Tovarishchestvo Strakhovaniya (Sts)category: Finance and insurance150 meters
Severlescategory: Construction and repair150 meters
Seyfgard Plyuscategory: Security130 meters
Sharm Tur Agentstvo Puteshestvycategory: Tourism, hotel business210 meters
Shcheglov I Partnery Advokatskoye Byurocategory: Services40 meters
Shchepkina M.S. Dom-Muzeycategory: Culture, Arts430 meters
Sidi-Print TIPOGRAFIYacategory: Audio, video, home appliances340 meters
Sovetnik Yuridicheskoye Agentstvocategory: Services210 meters
Soyuzyurinformcategory: Services280 meters
Spetsial`naya Transportnaya Slujbacategory: Transport and Logistics150 meters
Spetsstal`serviscategory: Industry120 meters
Startcategory: Interior, construction of housing120 meters
Stomatolog I Yacategory: Medicine and Health100 meters
Strinkcategory: Clothing, footwear180 meters
Stroyproyektarkhitekturacategory: Real estate250 meters
Super-Printcategory: Advertising, printing120 meters
Svetlanacategory: Services120 meters
Svyaznoycategory: Connection70 meters
TABURET jurnalcategory: Media, Print340 meters
Tanacategory: Beauty120 meters
Tekhnonikol`category: Construction and repair250 meters
Tekhnopark-Serviscategory: Services120 meters
Tekstil`orguchetcategory: Finance and insurance340 meters
Topstandartcategory: Foodstuffs210 meters
Transinnovatsiya Nppcategory: Transport and Logistics250 meters
Transpromresurscategory: Industry160 meters
Troyka Arbat Trevel Yend Turscategory: Tourism, hotel business150 meters
Tsentr Sotsial`noy Zashchity Invalidov Chernobylyacategory: People with disabilities120 meters
Tsentral`nogo Adm. Okruga №7 - Filialcategory: Medicine and Health40 meters
Tsentral`nogo Adm. Okruga - Pri P-Ke №137category: Medicine and Health260 meters
Tsifrovoye Teleradioveshchaniyecategory: Media, Print440 meters
Ulybka Stomatologichesky Tsentrcategory: Medicine and Health100 meters
Upravlyayushchaya Kompaniya Rosbankacategory: Real estate280 meters
Valdayev V.E. Notarius G. Moskvycategory: Law210 meters
Vesta-Auditcategory: Finance and insurance210 meters
Yaponiya Turcategory: Tourism, hotel business120 meters
Yekosistemcategory: Ecology 120 meters
Yekspert Tryevelcategory: Tourism, hotel business340 meters
Yemitreyd Tryevl Layncategory: Tourism, hotel business120 meters
Yenigmacategory: Media, Print210 meters
Yeverestcategory: Transport and Logistics130 meters
Yunior plastcategory: Foodstuffs150 meters
Yurlincategory: Law150 meters
Zambiyacategory: Government and politics120 meters
Zolotaya Lukovitsacategory: Restaurant Business210 meters
Zubrcategory: Restaurant Business40 meters
Bulat-Serviscategory: Computers and office equipments150 meters
Megan 2007category: Foodstuffs170 meters
Remont okon ot Doktor Oknocategory: Interior, construction of housing140 meters
Yuvmcategory: Advertising, printing140 meters
Zdravmedtekh-Mcategory: Medicine and Health150 meters
Ikarcategory: Real estate180 meters
Radio-Taksicategory: Transport and Logistics130 meters
Septimacategory: Security70 meters