Transport stop Gostinitsy VDNKh

Russian name:  остановка Гостиницы ВДНХ

This section contains complete information about stopping the Gostinitsy VDNKh In Moscow. The exact description of the ongoing land transport routes, the nearest railway platforms and subway stations, will allow you to greatly save your time! In the sections "Infrastructure" and "Organization" You can see all the agencies and entities that are nearby stop Gostinitsy VDNKh.

Also, using our electronic map of Moscow, learn the location of the stop Gostinitsy VDNKh. Where there is a stop? How to get to the bus stop? How to find the nearest stop? On our site you will find answers to such questions.

Gostinitsy VDNKh on the map, transport routes, organizations nearby of this stop

Passing routes of transport on Gostinitsy VDNKh stop

You can get there by 1 stop:

from subway station Vladykino9minibus №24M

You can reach it by 2 stops:

from subway station Petrovsko-Razumovskaya9bus №763

from subway station Vladykino9bus №24, bus №85

You can travel by 3 stops:

from subway station Petrovsko-Razumovskaya9bus №82

from subway station Vladykino9bus №238

Transport links to this stop

Rail station Okrujnaya - 140 meters

Rail station Petrovsko-Razumovskoye - 920 meters

Rail station NATI - 1 600 meters

Rail station Degunino - 2 100 meters

Rail station Timiryazevskaya - 3 100 meters

Subway station Vladykino9 - 860 meters

Subway station Petrovsko-Razumovskaya9 - 1 200 meters

Subway station Otradnoye9 - 2 600 meters

Subway station Timiryazevskaya9 - 3 200 meters

Subway station Botanichesky sad6 - 4 000 meters

Bus stop Okrujnaya - 120 meters

Bus stop Lokomotivny proyezd, platform Okrujnaya - 190 meters

Bus stop Lokomotivny passage - 270 meters

Bus stop Hotel Altay - 310 meters

Bus stop Institute stroyfiziki - 310 meters

Organizations nearby of Gostinitsy VDNKh stop

Agat Videocategory: Audio, video, home appliances250 meters
Agvina I Kocategory: Auto and Moto90 meters
Aladdin-Sistemycategory: Computers and office equipments220 meters
Alcomag.Rucategory: Internet280 meters
Aldi-Imidjcategory: Advertising, printing90 meters
Angelcategory: Auto and Moto280 meters
Apollukscategory: Foodstuffs220 meters
Arbalet-Mebel`category: Interior, construction of housing250 meters
Argus-Vympelcategory: Security90 meters
Art-Dentcategory: Medicine and Health250 meters
Asia Logisticscategory: Transport and Logistics520 meters
Astreyacategory: Industry520 meters
Atlant-Metallcategory: Industry520 meters
Avankardcategory: Finance and insurance250 meters
Avrora-Motorscategory: Auto and Moto150 meters
Avtomaticheskiye Sistemy Poliva I Oborudovaniyecategory: Industrial equipment220 meters
Avtomedia Millenium Izdatel`sky Domcategory: Media, Print280 meters
Avtopartnercategory: Auto and Moto280 meters
Balta Dom Kojicategory: Advertising, printing250 meters
Bely Ostrov Tpkhcategory: Foodstuffs90 meters
Berlizev Group - Magazincategory: Interior, construction of housing90 meters
Betolitcategory: Construction and repair90 meters
Betolitcategory: Construction and repair90 meters
Birariyacategory: Restaurant Business90 meters
Biznes Promcategory: Clothing, footwear220 meters
Dabl Yey Mediacategory: Advertising, printing250 meters
Daymoncategory: Advertising, printing220 meters
Dobry Shlyakhcategory: Trading520 meters
Duschycategory: Construction and repair520 meters
Elancategory: Construction and repair220 meters
Flyeksiscategory: Transport and Logistics220 meters
Form Kolorcategory: Advertising, printing280 meters
Fregatcategory: Foodstuffs280 meters
Frost Tekhnolodjiscategory: Audio, video, home appliances520 meters
Gostinitsa Vvtscategory: Transport and Logistics250 meters
Grif Rcategory: Industry520 meters
Grinlaytcategory: Interior, construction of housing250 meters
Gurman Ldcategory: Foodstuffs520 meters
GUSI yelektrikcategory: Interior, construction of housing90 meters
Ikaros Kargocategory: Transport and Logistics220 meters
Inrad Mediko-Reabilitatsionny Tsentrcategory: Medicine and Health220 meters
Instokcategory: Internet90 meters
Intellekt Konsul`tatsionnaya Gruppacategory: Finance and insurance250 meters
Irmast Aktivcategory: Construction and repair220 meters
K-Stroitel`category: Construction and repair250 meters
Kalinichev Ipcategory: Auto and Moto90 meters
Kameliya Nppcategory: Medicine and Health250 meters
Karkas Khauscategory: Construction and repair520 meters
Kelin-Mediacategory: Advertising, printing170 meters
Kf Tsentrcategory: Industrial equipment220 meters
Khimpishche-Kholdingcategory: Foodstuffs250 meters
Khozyain I Mastercategory: Auto and Moto90 meters
KOLESO magazincategory: Auto and Moto280 meters
Kolvircategory: Computers and office equipments220 meters
Komp`yuterno-Kassovyye Sistemycategory: Industrial equipment220 meters
Kosmopak-Pro Treydcategory: Advertising, printing90 meters
Kryajevskaya Pboyulcategory: Auto and Moto150 meters
Langa-Mcategory: Advertising, printing90 meters
Lazer Treydingcategory: Trading250 meters
Lusancategory: Auto and Moto90 meters
M-Greyfortcategory: Trading250 meters
Marfino Maly Rynokcategory: Auto and Moto90 meters
Marfino Sotsial`naya Gostinitsacategory: Government agencies100 meters
Maslotsentrcategory: Foodstuffs280 meters
Moskovskaya Konsul`tatsionnaya Gruppacategory: Advertising, printing220 meters
My I Vycategory: Restaurant Business90 meters
Natsional`ny Zalogovy Bankcategory: Finance and insurance280 meters
Naturvita Nauchno-Obrazovatel`ny Tsentrcategory: Education, career250 meters
№106-127106category: Connection210 meters
Novosibirsky Priborostroitel`ny Zavod Po (Predstavitel`stvo)category: Industrial equipment250 meters
Ofis Print Serviscategory: Computers and office equipments250 meters
Pervy paren` vo dvore, parikmakherskayacategory: Beauty210 meters
Pervy Vsesoyuzny Tsentr Promyshlennogo Snabjeniyacategory: Industrial equipment220 meters
Pochtovy magazincategory: Foodstuffs210 meters
POTREBITEL` jurnalcategory: Media, Print520 meters
Potrebitel`skaya Kooperatsiya Severa Kompaniyacategory: Real estate520 meters
Pro Media Grupcategory: Advertising, printing90 meters
Promstroykomplektcategory: Construction and repair520 meters
Rmk-Staylcategory: Advertising, printing250 meters
Rossiyskaya Migratsiya Gazetacategory: Media, Print90 meters
Russhina-Zapchasticategory: Auto and Moto90 meters
Russky Atlascategory: Animals and plants250 meters
Saida, parikmakherskayacategory: Beauty90 meters
Sani-Konsul`tantcategory: Interior, construction of housing220 meters
Saturn Khay-Tekcategory: Auto and Moto280 meters
Sdm-Lizingcategory: Finance and insurance520 meters
Severnaya Zvezdacategory: Medicine and Health220 meters
Sherston-Turcategory: Tourism, hotel business90 meters
Shupranova E.N. Ipcategory: Clothing, footwear250 meters
Signalcategory: Industry520 meters
Sipiyes Gruppcategory: Internet220 meters
Ski-Yekspertcategory: Sport90 meters
Stil` Yenergo Tdcategory: Industrial equipment250 meters
Stoma + Scategory: Medicine and Health250 meters
Stroitel`nyye Sistemycategory: Construction and repair220 meters
Stroygarant Plyuscategory: Construction and repair250 meters
Studiya 7category: Audio, video, home appliances250 meters
Sv Mebel`category: Interior, construction of housing250 meters
Svyaz` Servis Telekommunikatsiicategory: Connection250 meters
Tdr Tekno Dizel` Russiyacategory: Industry520 meters
Teplomarketcategory: Interior, construction of housing220 meters
Tri stroitelyacategory: Construction and repair520 meters
Tsentr Peredovykh Tekhnologycategory: Foodstuffs90 meters
Tsentr Peregorodokcategory: Interior, construction of housing520 meters
Tsentr Sotsial`nogo Prognozirovaniyacategory: Advertising, printing220 meters