Land city transport of Moscow

Public transport in Moscow - it provides space in which public transport stops (bus, trolley bus, tram, train) so that passengers can leave the vehicle, or enter into it.

Today in the capital, about 5 thousand public transport stops. Our mission is to have information about all the stops in Moscow, where the final stop and how to get to the nearest stop.

Precise data on the routes of urban public land transport will allow Moscow to pick the best route from home to home. Our database contains list of routes of all types of public transport in Moscow - bus routes, trolley buses, trams, taxi (minibus). In addition to schemes of urban routes on the site provides information on regional transport routes. With our service, you can search for the optimal route from almost flat to flat.

List of stops in Moscow on our site contains information about public transport stops in Moscow (buses, trolley buses, minibuses, trams) as the whole route, and the final stop. Depending on the location of the object can be seen on the interactive map of Moscow where the nearest stop and walk before her.

Bus routes in Moscow

First bus was launched in Moscow in 1924. Made by British transport buses 'Leyland' that can accommodate 28 passengers. Was subsequently launched his own production of buses in Yaroslavl.
Until the 50s buses were not popular mode of transport - they are transported only 8% of the total number of passengers. But since that time they began to actively develop in the late 80's every day bus transporting about 3.3 million people, accounting for one third of all passenger traffic.

Today in Moscow, there are 18 bus parks and more than 700 bus routes. Thus, Moscow's transport network covers both the city center and nearby, the newly created districts.
Our site is information about public transport in Moscow. Here you can find descriptions of all the routes of buses, as well as information about the stop, which he passes. You choose the room you are interested in and get to a page that lists all the stops, which pass through this route. Also, our interactive map of Moscow has information about each stop - you can see a map where it is located, and information about all the organizations and infrastructure nearby.

With our card, you can easily navigate in Moscow, to find the object you are interested in and pave the best path based on the movement of public transport.

Trolley buses in Moscow

Trolleybus network in Moscow - one of the largest and oldest in the world. Her story begins November 15, 1933. Then it was planned to procure and commission the German trolley, but funds for the acquisition was not enough. It was therefore decided to design their own patterns, which in the future and began to use it. To date, the trolleybus network is a 1684 trolley, trolley parks, eight, repair factory. Ticket price is 28 rubles. Every day, public transport in Moscow carries about 12 million passengers.

On our site you can find detailed information about the trolleybus routes, which are currently more than 90. Use our interactive map you can easily understand in which direction to each trolley and to determine an optimal route. You need to select the desired number, and you'll be taken to a page where it will be described in detail, what stops are on the route of the trolley. Turning to the specific information about the stop, you will see a map that shows you the location of this stop in Moscow, as well as information about the nearest subway stations, infrastructure, and various organizations that are nearby.

Thus, our interactive map of Moscow is a convenient and powerful tool that allows you to save your time and do not get lost in this large metropolis.

Tramlines in Moscow

First tram routes in Moscow were laid in 1899. They appeared as a replacement for the urban horse railway. That horse of the road prevented the full development of tramways. First electric tram routes have been laid at the site of the old Conoco.
Over time, tram transport network in Moscow grew, and today its total length is 181.1 km, entered into force 46 routes and 5 tram depot. Numerous projects to expand the network has not been implemented due to lack of funding. The fate of trams in Moscow depends on the importance of the area, involving their routes.

Use our interactive map you can get acquainted with the transport network in Moscow, including the tram. We have information about all the tram routes and the names of the stops, after which they follow. You simply click on the desired route number and you will be redirected to a page listing all the stops along the route of the tram. If you are interested in more specific information about some stops that are close to her subway station, organization or infrastructure - all this you can also find in the pages of our site.
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