Proletarskaya (subway station)

Here all the information about the metro station Proletarskaya (russian: Пролетарская ) In Moscow. Nearby streets, land transport routes to the Proletarskaya, the location of the surrounding railway platforms - all this can be found in the sections of this page. In filed under "Infrastructure" and "Organization", collected addresses and contacts of institutions located near the metro station. Also, for the possession of the necessary navigational information, you can find the location of the metro station Proletarskaya on the map of Moscow.

Russian name:  Пролетарская
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Transition to Krest`yanskaya zastava of  10Lyublinskaya Line.

Proletarskaya on the map, nearby streets and transport system

Land transport routes to the station Proletarskaya:

Bus stop Proletarskaya - 110 meters

Bus stop Proletarskaya (Southern vkhod) - 120 meters

Bus stop Stroykovskaya street - 320 meters

Bus stop Cinema Pobeda - 430 meters

Bus stop Dinamovskaya street - 430 meters

Bus stop 1st Dubrovskaya street - 450 meters

Bus stop 1st chasovoy factory - 480 meters

Bus stop Arbatetskaya street - 590 meters

Bus stop Large Simonovsky lane - 620 meters

Bus stop Nord-Ost - 730 meters

The nearest railway station to Proletarskaya:

Rail station Paveletsky vokzal - 1 700 meters

Rail station Serp i Molot - 2 100 meters

Rail station Moskva - Tovarnaya - Kurskaya - 2 100 meters

Rail station Moskva-Tovarnaya-Paveletskaya - 2 300 meters

Rail station Kalitniki - 2 300 meters