Lesoparkovaya (subway station)

Here all the information about the metro station Lesoparkovaya (russian: Лесопарковая ) In Moscow. Nearby streets, land transport routes to the Lesoparkovaya, the location of the surrounding railway platforms - all this can be found in the sections of this page. In filed under "Infrastructure" and "Organization", collected addresses and contacts of institutions located near the metro station. Also, for the possession of the necessary navigational information, you can find the location of the metro station Lesoparkovaya on the map of Moscow.

Russian name:  Лесопарковая
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Lesoparkovaya on the map, nearby streets and transport system

Land transport routes to the station Lesoparkovaya:

Bus stop Northern Butovo - 300 meters

Bus stop Bittsa - 310 meters

Bus stop Kulikovskaya street - 410 meters

Bus stop Starobittsevskaya street 21 - 410 meters

Bus stop 4th microdistrict Northern Butova - 540 meters

Bus stop Kachalovo - 580 meters

Bus stop Polyany street - 610 meters

Bus stop Starobittsevskaya street 17 - 700 meters

Bus stop Ratnaya street 16 - 710 meters

Bus stop Ratnaya street 14 - 790 meters

The nearest railway station to Lesoparkovaya:

Rail station Bittsa - 2 500 meters

Rail station Krasny Stroitel` - 2 600 meters

Rail station Pokrovskaya - 4 200 meters

Rail station Butovo - 4 600 meters

Rail station Biryulevo-Tovarnaya - 5 km. 0 m.