Staroalekseevskaya street (russian Староалексеевская улица)

On this page you can find all the information about Staroalekseevskaya street. List of homes on the Staroalekseevskaya, zip code, nearby organizations and agencies, map, and infrastructure. And just to see what it looks like, street Staroalekseevskaya on an electronic map of Moscow.

Russian name:   Староалексеевская улица
Latin transliteration:   Staroalekseevskaya Ulitsa
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Postal codes of Staroalekseevskaya: 129626

Staroalekseevskaya street refers to the administrative areas of the:
AlekseevskyNorth-Eastern Administrative Okrug

Staroalekseevskaya on the map, marked houses and organizations on the this street

Organizations on Staroalekseevskaya

Khalton-Mcategory: Beauty
Ariyel`category: Transport and Logistics
Yelogarcategory: Industrial equipment
Natyekspocategory: Leisure
Stomatologicheskaya poliklinika № 15category: Medicine and Health
X-Promocategory: Internet
Alekseevskaya Avtobazacategory: Municipal services and utilities
Doktor Anton Meditsinsky Tsentrcategory: Medicine and Health
IntelGrupp LTD.category: Computers and office equipments
Softkeycategory: Computers and office equipments
Vse Dlya Vas Izdatel`sky Domcategory: Media, Print
Prima-Tsentrcategory: Industry
Axa Inspirationcategory: Interior, construction of housing
Euroheatcategory: Interior, construction of housing
Forpostcategory: Finance and insurance
Belserviscategory: Interior, construction of housing
Tekhdentalcategory: Medicine and Health
Kaver Gruppcategory: Media, Print
Granitcategory: Industry
Megalancategory: Industry
Grad Veshcheycategory: Clothing, footwear
Yelektrotovarycategory: Audio, video, home appliances
Kuryer-Presserviscategory: Media, Print
Sv Sportcategory: Sport
Reklamuscategory: Advertising, printing
Mam Printcategory: Advertising, printing
Demsicategory: Advertising, printing
Mosbytremstroycategory: Construction and repair
Yendoserviscategory: Medicine and Health
Glavpolimersbyt Nppcategory: Industry
Peresvet`category: Security
Mr. Standcategory: Advertising, printing
Finpromkholdingcategory: Sport
Market Capital Solutions (Marcs)category: Advertising, printing
Med-Audiocategory: Medicine and Health
Marketricategory: Advertising, printing