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house number 1, Skladochnaya street

1, Skladochnaya street (russian Складочная улица, 1)

This page provided complete information on the address 1, Skladochnaya street
You can get acquainted with the following information: zip code; cost housing at the address location of the nearest metro station and railway platforms; routes and stop ground transport, passing near the Skladochnaya 1, as well as a detailed map to explore neighborhoods, with the help of our interactive map of Moscow. Buttons Organizations,Public institutions,Transport links will help you find all the useful addresses for institutions that are close to the this address.

Details about the Skladochnaya street house number 1 Information about the cost of living area Skladochnaya 1

Zip code of Skladochnaya 1: 127018
The correct postal address will be: 127018, Москва, Складочная улица, 1
In the international format:

[Recipient name]
Skladochnaya Ulitsa, 1, [the number of the apartment or office]

Skladochnaya street, 1 refers to the administrative areas of the:
ButyrskyNorth-Eastern Administrative Okrug

Skladochnaya 1 on the map, in detail about this address

Transport routes to Skladochnaya house number 1

Subway station Savelovskaya9 - 850 meters

Subway station Maryina roshcha10 - 1 600 meters

Rail station Stankolit - 360 meters

Rail station Savelovsky vokzal - 610 meters

Rail station Savelovskaya - 780 meters

Rail station Dmitrovskaya - 1 300 meters

Rail station Ostankino - 1 900 meters

Bus stop Streletskaya street - 630 meters

Bus stop Kombinat tverdykh splavov - 660 meters

Bus stop Butyrskaya street 46 - 700 meters

Bus stop Street Dvintsev. - 770 meters

Bus stop Trolleybusny factory - 770 meters

Bus stop 4th Vyatsky lane - 810 meters

Bus stop Savelovsky vokzal - 870 meters

Bus stop DK name Gor`kogo - 880 meters

Bus stop Butyrskaya street - 890 meters

Bus stop Sushchevsky Val - 980 meters

Organizations on Skladochnaya 1

Sanshayn Sistemcategory: Trading
Stankovendtcategory: Industry
Nord-Poliscategory: Media, Print
Tonmet Proyektno-Stroitel`noye Predpriyatiyecategory: Construction and repair
Montajtekhstroy №4category: Security
Siba-Vendingcategory: Trading
Avto Timcategory: Auto and Moto
Forek-Komplektserviscategory: Interior, construction of housing
Ullincategory: Industry
Le Monti Torgovy Domcategory: Clothing, footwear
East Ref Oycategory: Industrial equipment
Evropeysky Biznes Tsentrcategory: Children
Rayvyel Dizaynscategory: Interior, construction of housing
Otsscategory: Interior, construction of housing
Pibicategory: Computers and office equipments
Spektr-Khimcategory: Industry
Partmobayl Kompaniyacategory: Connection
Yunion Inform Xxicategory: Transport and Logistics
Dar`yacategory: Foodstuffs
Gran Limitedcategory: Culture, Arts
Yelektronika Dlya Vsekhcategory: Industry
Tsentr Lescategory: Construction and repair
Stal`komplektcategory: Industrial equipment
Katoscategory: Industrial equipment
Stroyinformcategory: Media, Print
Rouk Servisny Tsentrcategory: Computers and office equipments
Terrakottcategory: Advertising, printing
Press Point Internyeshnlcategory: Media, Print
Ontariocategory: Trading
10 Dyuymov Karting-Klubcategory: Leisure
Vidnyye Oknacategory: Interior, construction of housing
Oniks-Oknacategory: Interior, construction of housing
Sdtbcategory: Construction and repair
La Cimbali Tsentr Prodajcategory: Industrial equipment
Baurercategory: Construction and repair
Romashka-Partner Dezstantsiyacategory: Interior, construction of housing
Pro-Vision Communicationscategory: Advertising, printing
Tfs-Kholdingcategory: Industrial equipment
Santoscategory: Foodstuffs
Dioryelcategory: Transport and Logistics
Vremena Goda Torgovy Domcategory: Foodstuffs
ROK-1 (predstavitel`stvo)category: Foodstuffs
Tekhinjiniringserviscategory: Industrial equipment
Kenigsberg Fabrika (Predstavitel`stvo)category: Interior, construction of housing
Sunrise Komp`yuterny Saloncategory: Computers and office equipments
Vialentacategory: Construction and repair
Bmj Divisioncategory: Foodstuffs
Stolichny Tsentr Yelektronikicategory: Connection
Prirodnyye Ingridiyentycategory: Foodstuffs
Pro-Metallcategory: Industry
Magcategory: Services
Freylingcategory: Interior, construction of housing
Komfort Serviscategory: Interior, construction of housing
Sadtorgcategory: Internet
Stanko-Lidcategory: Industry
Akva-Keramikacategory: Construction and repair
Tolex Tuningcategory: Auto and Moto
Serebryanoye Stremyacategory: Security
Bg Linecategory: Interior, construction of housing
Moderncategory: Clothing, footwear
St-Motors Avtotekhtsentrcategory: Auto and Moto
Sanrayz Procategory: Computers and office equipments
Studiya Mebelicategory: Interior, construction of housing
1 Mmcategory: Services
Light-Servicecategory: Culture, Arts
Kontradacategory: Interior, construction of housing
Natural Granitcategory: Construction and repair
Slujba Pravovoy Podderjkicategory: Services
Frantsuzskaya Konditerskayacategory: Foodstuffs
Maglevany S.A. Predprinimatel`category: Interior, construction of housing
Domino-Stroycategory: Interior, construction of housing
Best Khostingcategory: Computers and office equipments
Skat-2002category: Security
Sitiprintcategory: Advertising, printing
Aktyen Dorscategory: Interior, construction of housing
Russkaya Orkhideyacategory: Advertising, printing
Al`do Studiya Mebelicategory: Interior, construction of housing
Gaudi Arenacategory: Leisure
Al`fa-Bankcategory: Finance and insurance
Torion - Avtomaticheskiye Vorotacategory: Interior, construction of housing
Soyuzagrokomplektcategory: Trading
Media Serviscategory: Media, Print
Idei-Dekocategory: Interior, construction of housing
Sferacategory: Interior, construction of housing
Metronomcategory: Clothing, footwear
Vodokanal Set`category: Interior, construction of housing
Katerinacategory: Interior, construction of housing
Tavriya Izdatel`sky Domcategory: Media, Print
Dverka Kompaniyacategory: Interior, construction of housing
Royyacategory: Industrial equipment
Urban Prodakshnccategory: Advertising, printing
Leonn Gruppcategory: Industrial equipment
Khark Rossiyacategory: Interior, construction of housing
Yulmicategory: Interior, construction of housing
Mega-Turcategory: Tourism, hotel business
Stroybiznescategory: Industry
Ofis Myeykercategory: Interior, construction of housing
Real Prof Servis Gsscategory: Interior, construction of housing
Fenikscategory: Office
Grill-Verkcategory: Interior, construction of housing
Tsivilistcategory: Finance and insurance
Kinoteatr Kinoparkingcategory: Culture, Arts
Garaj ///Mcategory: Auto and Moto
Matreshka, salon krasotycategory: Beauty
Reagentcategory: Construction and repair
Tsentr Remontacategory: Construction and repair

Public institutions, related to Skladochnaya 1