Raskovoy street (russian Расковой улица)

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Russian name:   Расковой улица
Latin transliteration:   Raskovoy Ulitsa
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Postal codes of Raskovoy: 125040, 125057, 127015

Raskovoy street refers to the administrative areas of the:
BegovoyNorthern Administrative Okrug

Raskovoy on the map, marked houses and organizations on the this street

Houses on Raskovoy

Organizations on Raskovoy

Meditsinskaya Voditel`skaya Komissiyacategory: Medicine and Health
Mebel` Na Raskovoycategory: Interior, construction of housing
Avtodor-Sever-Mcategory: Municipal services and utilities
Cooralturcategory: International Business
Sigma-Avtocategory: Auto and Moto
Svet Na Raskovoycategory: Industrial equipment
Binar-Klubcategory: Tourism, hotel business
Dolgoletiye Manual`ny Tsentrcategory: Medicine and Health
Gedeon Rikhter-Ruscategory: Medicine and Health
Global Voyager Assistancecategory: Medicine and Health
Biokomfortcategory: Audio, video, home appliances
Starnetcategory: Internet
Gruppa kompany Biokomfortcategory: Audio, video, home appliances
Finist, salon krasotycategory: Beauty
Stormov`-Meditsinacategory: Medicine and Health
Sovinservis Rttscategory: Services
Arkotekcategory: Construction and repair
NOIROT (predstavitel`stvo)category: Interior, construction of housing
Clipsal Relcon-Scategory: Security
Yeliz, salon krasotycategory: Beauty
Denta Vitacategory: Medicine and Health
Ad Pointcategory: Advertising, printing
Severnogo Adm. Okruga - Pri P-Ke №157category: Medicine and Health
Byuro nedvijimosti VALLAcategory: Real estate
Jar-Ptitsacategory: Culture, Arts
Vladivostok-Aviacategory: Transport and Logistics
Praymer Mcategory: Industry
Intertekskom-98category: Law
Aviatransagentstvocategory: Transport and Logistics
Intekhresurscategory: Industry
Aviatransagencycategory: Transport and Logistics
Planeta-Mcategory: Beauty
Tk-Rus`category: Connection
Kredit Doveriyacategory: Services
Kosmoteroscategory: Beauty
K-Serviscategory: Interior, construction of housing
Eventualcategory: Services
Al`fa Bio-Rucategory: Medicine and Health
Galissacategory: Real estate
Mersedes-Taksicategory: Transport and Logistics
Parikmakhersky saloncategory: Beauty
Mpo Im. I. Rumyantsevacategory: Medicine and Health
Komintekhs-Yekologiyacategory: Industrial equipment
Mpo Im. I.I. Rumyantsevacategory: Industry
Trekomcategory: Advertising, printing
Akva-Russ Plyuscategory: Services
Konstanta-Yecategory: Advertising, printing
Tsentr Upravleniya Znaniyamicategory: Advertising, printing
Trening Plyuscategory: Education, career
Al`fa Stroycategory: Construction and repair
Immedia Kholdingcategory: Advertising, printing
Natsinvestprombankcategory: Finance and insurance