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house number 36, Leningradsky avenue

36, Leningradsky avenue (russian Ленинградский проспект, 36)

This page provided complete information on the address 36, Leningradsky avenue
You can get acquainted with the following information: zip code; cost housing at the address location of the nearest metro station and railway platforms; routes and stop ground transport, passing near the Leningradsky 36, as well as a detailed map to explore neighborhoods, with the help of our interactive map of Moscow. Buttons Organizations,Public institutions,Transport links will help you find all the useful addresses for institutions that are close to the this address.

Details about the Leningradsky avenue house number 36 Information about the cost of living area Leningradsky 36

Zip code of Leningradsky 36: 125167
The correct postal address will be: 125167, Москва, Ленинградский проспект, 36
In the international format:

[Recipient name]
Leningradsky Prospekt, 36, [the number of the apartment or office]

Leningradsky avenue, 36 refers to the administrative areas of the:
AyeroportNorthern Administrative Okrug

Leningradsky 36 on the map, in detail about this address

Transport routes to Leningradsky house number 36

Subway station Dinamo2 - 190 meters

Subway station Savelovskaya9 - 1 900 meters

Subway station Begovaya7 - 2 200 meters

Rail station Grajdanskaya - 1 600 meters

Rail station Savelovsky vokzal - 1 900 meters

Rail station Savelovskaya - 2 000 meters

Rail station Belorussky vokzal - 2 100 meters

Rail station Begovaya - 2 100 meters

Bus stop Militseysky lane - 220 meters

Bus stop Dinamo - 250 meters

Bus stop Vostochnyye tribuny - 280 meters

Bus stop Stadion Dinamo, street Upper Maslovka 15 - 360 meters

Bus stop Petrovsko-Razumovskaya alley - 480 meters

Bus stop Stadion Young pionerov - 480 meters

Bus stop Mirskoy lane - 520 meters

Bus stop Street Upper Maslovka - 570 meters

Bus stop Shop Optika - 630 meters

Bus stop Krasnoarmeyskaya street - 650 meters

Organizations on Leningradsky 36

Tibet Saunacategory: Beauty
Dinamo Futbol`ny Klubcategory: Sport
Fotomircategory: Advertising, printing
Atletika Al`yanscategory: Trading
Nikye Kommunikatsionnoye Agentstvocategory: Advertising, printing
Yelitshtatcategory: Auto and Moto
Dinamocategory: Restaurant Business
Turbo-Print Sportcategory: Advertising, printing
Dinamocategory: Restaurant Business
Al`yans-Kholideycategory: Tourism, hotel business
Gol Sport-Kafe-Barcategory: Restaurant Business
Atelye Narujnoy Reklamycategory: Advertising, printing
Konkord-Transcategory: Trading
Neva-Sportcategory: Sport
Dinamocategory: Medicine and Health
Sharovaya Molniyacategory: Leisure
Vilena Vtfcategory: Auto and Moto
Real`ny Shanscategory: Education, career
ArkhiKamen`category: Real estate
Djaga Klubcategory: Restaurant Business
Kait-Sport Pyefcategory: Clothing, footwear
Al`yanscategory: Transport and Logistics
Luchcategory: Trading
Fanni Pitstsacategory: Restaurant Business
Snejny Mircategory: Foodstuffs
Dinamo-Sportcategory: Trading
Uralsibcategory: Finance and insurance
Avtoservis-Dinamocategory: Auto and Moto
Kraun Uorldvaydcategory: Transport and Logistics
Kimonocategory: Trading
Vostochny Salon Tkcategory: Interior, construction of housing
Zdorovye Klubcategory: Medicine and Health
Gorod Detstvacategory: Children
Avtolyukscategory: Auto and Moto
Trans Acategory: Auto and Moto
Novatsiyacategory: Trading
Korona Servis Avto +category: Auto and Moto
Press Tsentr Avcategory: Advertising, printing
Koop-Kontaktcategory: Auto and Moto
Sportstroyzakazcategory: Sport
La Parfumeriecategory: Internet
Garanti Turcategory: Tourism, hotel business
Akb Serviscategory: Industrial equipment
Sportformat Plyuscategory: Trading
Avtolombard Na Leningradkecategory: Clothing, footwear
Yuta Kompaniyacategory: Industrial equipment
Akmetreydcategory: Security
Svyaznoycategory: Connection
At Consultingcategory: Services
Vell Agentstvo Plyajnogo Otdykhacategory: Tourism, hotel business
Rosfil`tr Mpocategory: Industrial equipment
Kom-Yekocategory: Interior, construction of housing

Public institutions, related to Leningradsky 36