Kashirsky passage (russian Каширский проезд)

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Russian name:   Каширский проезд
Latin transliteration:   Kashirsky Proezd
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Postal codes of Kashirsky: 115201

Kashirsky passage refers to the administrative areas of the:
Moskvorechye-SaburovoSouthern Administrative Okrug
Nagatino-SadovnikiSouthern Administrative Okrug

Kashirsky on the map, marked houses and organizations on the this passage

Organizations on Kashirsky

Bis-Zitar Kompaniyacategory: Industry
Kaskadcategory: Animals and plants
Fabrika Zdorov`yacategory: Medicine and Health
Kemping-Turcategory: Tourism, hotel business
Viktoriya-M i TDcategory: Foodstuffs
Poliklinika №2 pri GKB №79category: Medicine and Health
Senso del Colorecategory: Construction and repair
Russkoye Ojerelyecategory: Construction and repair
Rekada-Marketcategory: Construction and repair
№60 Mgsacategory: Auto and Moto
Moroncategory: Medicine and Health
Yelektronnyye Den`gicategory: Computers and office equipments
K-Remontcategory: Construction and repair
Avtotekhkontraktcategory: Auto and Moto
№201-115201category: Connection
Yelekstransavtocategory: Trading
Fabrika Yelitnykh Matratsev - Magazincategory: Interior, construction of housing
Ayriscategory: Foodstuffs
Aterkcategory: Foodstuffs
Severnaya ptitsefabrikacategory: Foodstuffs
Tekstil`promcategory: Clothing, footwear
Mosgoropttorgcategory: Trading
InterTamServiscategory: Trading
Tekstil`category: Clothing, footwear
Displeylyendcategory: Advertising, printing
Interkabincategory: Trading
Patriarch Groupcategory: Computers and office equipments
Noyancategory: Foodstuffs
Reylink Treydcategory: Foodstuffs
Ayaskomcategory: Farming
Yelektroset`category: Interior, construction of housing
Sibimcategory: Interior, construction of housing
Proplastcategory: Interior, construction of housing
Land Artcategory: Culture, Arts
Fabrika Yelitnykh Matratsevcategory: Interior, construction of housing
Interbrokservis 2000category: Services
EvroSkladcategory: Industrial equipment
Biyemkey-Tulscategory: Construction and repair
Polimertekstil`category: Industry
Saturn Motors Gruppcategory: Auto and Moto
MOSAVTOKhOLOD - Filial Yujnycategory: Transport and Logistics
Diada Plyuscategory: Medicine and Health
Yu-Karscategory: Auto and Moto
Konnas Okb Bncategory: Science
Gidromash-Marketcategory: Industrial equipment
Most I.D.category: Industry
Meta Sistemy Inj Kompaniyacategory: Interior, construction of housing
Spektr Serviscategory: Computers and office equipments
Flaymekhcategory: Clothing, footwear
Mol-Ortos Npfcategory: Industrial equipment
Merkurycategory: Industrial equipment
Odjas-Garmoniyacategory: Medicine and Health
Stroyproyekt Skcategory: Construction and repair
Bureniye I Neft` Jurnalcategory: Media, Print
Auditbiznestsentrcategory: Finance and insurance
Resurs-Metallcategory: Industry
Zavod Vakuumnykh Yelektropecheycategory: Real estate
Orteks-Kcategory: Interior, construction of housing
Ardeylcategory: Medicine and Health
Farmgeokomcategory: Medicine and Health
Ovscategory: Clothing, footwear
Stroy Magiyacategory: Interior, construction of housing
Ifb - Aksessuarycategory: Connection
Yelita-2Scategory: Construction and repair
Yelektrokraft Mcategory: Interior, construction of housing
Dinamika Xxi Vekcategory: Construction and repair
Akp Dizayncategory: Construction and repair
Fuydacategory: Clothing, footwear
Oktyabr`skaya Bazacategory: Farming
SAMSON (Mosk. filial)category: Office
Elmascategory: Farming