60th anniversary October Revolution avenue (russian 60 летия Октября проспект)

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Russian name:   60 летия Октября проспект
Latin transliteration:   Shestidesyati letiya Oktyabrya Prospekt
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Postal codes of 60th anniversary October Revolution: 119334, 117036, 117312

60th anniversary October Revolution avenue refers to the administrative areas of the:
GagarinskySouth-Western Administrative Okrug
AkademicheskySouth-Western Administrative Okrug

60th anniversary October Revolution on the map, marked houses and organizations on the this avenue

Houses on 60th anniversary October Revolution

Organizations on 60th anniversary October Revolution

Yetaloncategory: Trading
Kalitoncategory: Foodstuffs
Transonegacategory: Transport and Logistics
Latino Club Tantseval`naya Shkolacategory: Culture, Arts
TAL`YaNA (remont)category: Clothing, footwear
Bashkomsnabbankcategory: Finance and insurance
Tekhnoservis Xxi Vekcategory: Tourism, hotel business
Andjelocategory: Restaurant Business
№6 Mgsacategory: Auto and Moto
Nezavisimost` Volvocategory: Auto and Moto
Bioinjeneriya Tsentr Rancategory: Science
Vitafarm Asdcategory: Animals and plants
Avtogen.Rucategory: Industrial equipment
Stroyteploserviscategory: Municipal services and utilities
Arte Vita Saloncategory: Interior, construction of housing
Yunitekscategory: Interior, construction of housing
Chernomorskaya Rivyeracategory: Restaurant Business
Cognitive Technologies Ltd.category: Computers and office equipments
Ursscategory: Media, Print
Atlas-Lyukscategory: Interior, construction of housing
Yaktior-Auditcategory: Finance and insurance
Spscategory: Interior, construction of housing
Yunykh Liderov Assotsiatsiyacategory: Social organizations
Yedentcategory: Medicine and Health
Lomond Servis-Tsentrcategory: Advertising, printing
Profinformzashchitacategory: Security
Interprogmacategory: Internet
Natsional`ny Gerontologichesky Tsentr Npcategory: Medicine and Health
Algosoftmediacategory: Internet
3S-Laboratoriyacategory: Medicine and Health
Komknigacategory: Media, Print
BALVA OOO (Mosk. filial)category: Finance and insurance
Benua Studiya Reklamnoy Fotografiicategory: Advertising, printing
Baget Restoran-Klubcategory: Restaurant Business
Natsional`ny Rezervny Bankcategory: Finance and insurance
Universitetov: Gornogo (Mggu)category: Tourism, hotel business
Alan-Avtomobilicategory: Auto and Moto
Gortorgsnabcategory: Industrial equipment
Kaleja Khudojestvenno-Proizvodstvennaya Masterskayacategory: Interior, construction of housing
Yenershchit Kompaniyacategory: Industrial equipment
Ptv-Mcategory: Construction and repair
Moksik-Mcategory: Real estate
Storm +category: Computers and office equipments
Stroysistemserviscategory: Industry
Algacategory: Interior, construction of housing
Ntts Mspcategory: Auto and Moto
Hardlockcategory: Interior, construction of housing
Interkronacategory: Construction and repair
Akantcategory: Real estate
Akslinecategory: Construction and repair
VYeSKO - Skladcategory: Industrial equipment
Akantcategory: Construction and repair
Logikform Studiya Dizaynacategory: Interior, construction of housing
Universitetov: - Tekstil`nogo Im. A.N. Kosyginacategory: Tourism, hotel business
Yedvans-Avtocategory: Auto and Moto
Yekzotikcategory: Clothing, footwear
Parikmakherskaya-1category: Beauty
№№5, 32, 52, 52A, 54 Mgsacategory: Auto and Moto
Universitetov: Gornogo (Mggu)category: Tourism, hotel business
Duyet, parikmakherskayacategory: Beauty
Alan-Apcategory: Auto and Moto
Viktoricategory: Interior, construction of housing
Rummercategory: Auto and Moto
Kukhni Podmoskov`yacategory: Interior, construction of housing
Kompaniya Roznichnogo Kreditovaniyacategory: Finance and insurance
Parikmakherskaya-1category: Beauty
Adv-Treydcategory: Interior, construction of housing
Novaya Al`ternativa Turisticheskaya Kompaniyacategory: Tourism, hotel business
Lfl Kompaniyacategory: Real estate
Yeksiscategory: Advertising, printing
Tur Tochka Salon Puteshestvycategory: Tourism, hotel business
Vitocategory: Foodstuffs
Renommee, salon krasotycategory: Beauty
Italyekscategory: Interior, construction of housing
Bely Vetercategory: Computers and office equipments
Takyecategory: Restaurant Business
Argamakcategory: Tourism, hotel business
Biznes Razvitiye Xxicategory: Interior, construction of housing
Bank Raschetov I Sberejenycategory: Finance and insurance
Monte-Kristocategory: Restaurant Business
Finn Flarecategory: Clothing, footwear
Loskutokcategory: Clothing, footwear
Yuvelirnaya Masterskayacategory: Services
Interlinkcategory: Foodstuffs
Vulkan Igrovoy Klubcategory: Leisure
Zakazbuketov.Rucategory: Services
Yuvelirny Bazarcategory: Clothing, footwear