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house number 7/19 building 6, 2nd Filevskaya street

7/19k.6, 2nd Filevskaya street (russian 2-я Филевская улица, 7/19 к.6)

This page provided complete information on the address 7/19k.6, 2nd Filevskaya street
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Details about the 2nd Filevskaya street house number 7/19 building 6 Information about the cost of living area 2nd Filevskaya 7/19k.6

Zip code of 2nd Filevskaya 7/19k.6: 121096
The correct postal address will be: 121096, Москва, 2-я Филевская улица, 7/19 к.6
In the international format:

[Recipient name]
Vtoraya Filevskaya Ulitsa, 7/19k.6, [the number of the apartment or office]

2nd Filevskaya street, 7/19k.6 refers to the administrative areas of the:
Filevsky ParkWestern Administrative Okrug

2nd Filevskaya 7/19k.6 on the map, in detail about this address

Transport routes to 2nd Filevskaya house number 7/19 building 6

Subway station Filevsky park4 - 450 meters

Subway station Slavyansky bul`var3 - 1 500 meters

Rail station Moskva-Sortirovochnaya - 1 700 meters

Rail station Fili - 1 800 meters

Rail station Kuntsevo - 2 800 meters

Rail station Testovskaya - 3 300 meters

Rail station Matveevskaya - 3 700 meters

Bus stop Kastanayevskaya street - 140 meters

Bus stop Square Romena Rollana - 220 meters

Bus stop Minskaya street 8 - 250 meters

Bus stop 2nd Filevskaya street - 270 meters

Bus stop Filevsky park - 480 meters

Bus stop Shkola - 630 meters

Bus stop Filevskaya street 6 - 720 meters

Bus stop Kutuzovsky avenue - 790 meters

Bus stop Cinema Ukraina - 800 meters

Bus stop Bagrationovsky passage - 830 meters

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