of 1905 years street (russian 1905 года улица)

On this page you can find all the information about of 1905 years street. List of homes on the of 1905 years, zip code, nearby organizations and agencies, map, and infrastructure. And just to see what it looks like, street of 1905 years on an electronic map of Moscow.

Russian name:   1905 года улица
Latin transliteration:   Tysyacha devyat`sot pyatogo goda Ulitsa
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Postal codes of of 1905 years: 123022, 123100

of 1905 years street refers to the administrative areas of the:
PresnenskyCentral Administrative Okrug

of 1905 years on the map, marked houses and organizations on the this street

Organizations on of 1905 years

Garusscategory: Advertising, printing
Liberti Staylcategory: Clothing, footwear
N`yu-York Avto Gruppcategory: Auto and Moto
Villa Borghinicategory: Beauty
Miss Marpl & Komandacategory: Security
Ivan da Mar`yacategory: Foodstuffs
Brodvey, salon krasotycategory: Beauty
Stolitsa Khobbicategory: Leisure
Avtozapchasticategory: Auto and Moto
Kish-Mishcategory: Restaurant Business
Vse Dlya Djipacategory: Auto and Moto
Klondaykcategory: Clothing, footwear
Chaykhana Kishmishcategory: Restaurant Business
Gorremtekhcategory: Services
Instroybankcategory: Finance and insurance
Tsentr Dosuga I Tvorchestvacategory: Children
P.S.Komcategory: Connection
Galileo-Ruscategory: Tourism, hotel business
Okey Riacategory: Advertising, printing
Moskovsky Komsomolets Gazetacategory: Media, Print
Moskovskaya Pravda Ipkcategory: Media, Print
Veche Mpcategory: Advertising, printing
Studiya Artemiya Lebedevacategory: Internet
Press-Kontaktcategory: Media, Print
Motory I Komplektatsiyacategory: Industry
Mk-Serviscategory: Media, Print
Atmosfera Krasoty Jurnalcategory: Media, Print
Mmediacategory: Advertising, printing
Mcicategory: Advertising, printing
[Im.] Lyadova A.K.Dmshcategory: Education, career
Otlichnik Kursycategory: Education, career
Kaskad-21 Vek Mtkcategory: Trading
Intimcategory: Trading
Trety Rim Igrovoy Klubcategory: Leisure
Sots-Kredit-Al`yanscategory: Clothing, footwear
Titikaka Tryevelcategory: Tourism, hotel business
Alladincategory: Tourism, hotel business
Ye-Tiket Kompaniyacategory: Tourism, hotel business
Samson Tryevelcategory: Tourism, hotel business
Transmost-Turcategory: Transport and Logistics
Mta-Lizingcategory: Finance and insurance
ShVEYNy MIR magazincategory: Interior, construction of housing
Mosyenergosbyt - Tsentr-1 Gor. Otdeleniyecategory: Municipal services and utilities
Nash Dvorcategory: Restaurant Business
Apigocategory: Transport and Logistics
Roller Klubcategory: Trading
Artisan Dom Plitkicategory: Construction and repair
1000 I 1 Pukhovikcategory: Clothing, footwear
RussNeft` (№3) (Ai-92, Ai-95)category: Auto and Moto
Magazin Sezonnoy Odejdycategory: Clothing, footwear
Viza Konkordcategory: Transport and Logistics
Prirodacategory: Trading
Bol`shiye Lyudi Torgovy Domcategory: Clothing, footwear
Komfortdomcategory: Construction and repair
Honey, salon krasotycategory: Beauty
Blt-Gruppcategory: Culture, Arts
Areal-Snabcategory: Industry
Al`fa-Klinikcategory: Medicine and Health
Medtsentrserviscategory: Medicine and Health
Dento-Yel`category: Medicine and Health
Tsentr Mody Rossiicategory: Clothing, footwear
Armand Pejocategory: Auto and Moto
Odejda Xxxlcategory: Clothing, footwear