1st Magistral`ny blind Alley (russian 1-й Магистральный тупик)

On this page you can find all the information about 1st Magistral`ny blind Alley. List of homes on the 1st Magistral`ny, zip code, nearby organizations and agencies, map, and infrastructure. And just to see what it looks like, blind alley 1st Magistral`ny on an electronic map of Moscow.

Russian name:   1-й Магистральный тупик
Latin transliteration:   Pervy Magistral`ny Tupik
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Postal codes of 1st Magistral`ny: 123290

1st Magistral`ny blind Alley refers to the administrative areas of the:
KhoroshevskyNorthern Administrative Okrug

1st Magistral`ny on the map, marked houses and organizations on the this lane

Organizations on 1st Magistral`ny

Allmetcategory: Industry
Megapoliscategory: Finance and insurance
Arjento, salon krasotycategory: Beauty
Svargo groupcategory: Interior, construction of housing
Forte-Ayticategory: Computers and office equipments
Privodnaya Tekhnika Nttscategory: Industrial equipment
Ksp Printcategory: Advertising, printing
Novosti Privodnoy Tekhniki Gazetacategory: Media, Print
Sekundochkucategory: Services
Orlenok Zavodcategory: Children
Spetsstroymetizcategory: Construction and repair
Yelektrokomcategory: Industrial equipment
Al`tair-Proficategory: Industry
Arktur Printcategory: Advertising, printing
Inkomsnabcategory: Trading
Konoplev Ipcategory: Industry
Yelektro Xxi Vek Avscategory: Industry
Studiya dizayna “List Vetra”category: Advertising, printing
Germescategory: Real estate