Streets of Moscow

In our online reference all the information about the streets of Moscow. In order to start the search data of interest to you, you must select the letter that begins the name of the street. Then you will be redirected to a page where all the streets with that letter will be sorted in alphabetical order. This will speed up the search for information. Clicking on the desired name of the street will take you to a new page.

It will be located with a street map of Moscow, which is awarded this street. In addition, in our resource to gather accurate information about the objects, organizations and institutions located on this street, indicating the exact address. In addition to the location on the diagram streets of Moscow, you can learn a lot of other interesting information. This, for example, traffic routes, location of stops, the name of the county and district, belongs to the street and zip code, the numbering of houses, and even offer to sell or lease real estate.

Also, using our service you will be able to create for themselves a convenient and optimal route through the city, with all travel overland and underground transport in Moscow.
Use our interactive map you can easily navigate the city, find all the information about the street and all the necessary infrastructure that is there.

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