Rabochy Poselok station (russian Рабочий Поселок)

On this page you can get complete information about the station Rabochy Poselok in Moscow. In the sections "Infrastructure" and "Organization", you can get information about all institutions and facilities in the vicinity of the this station for visitors and residents of the capital, is an indispensable electronic map of Moscow, which easily You can find the location of the station Rabochy Poselok. Also, you will be useful Information about nearby subway stations to the Rabochy Poselok.

Timetables of commuter rail on station Rabochy Poselok

Railway station Rabochy Poselok on the map, subway station and bus stops nearby

Transport links to Rabochy Poselok

Subway station Molodejnaya3 - 1 600 meters

Bus stop Platform Rabochy Village - 140 meters

Bus stop Partizanskaya street - 300 meters

Bus stop Kuntsevsky rynok - 370 meters

Bus stop Kuntsevskaya street - 440 meters

Bus stop Street Marshal Nedelina 40 - 450 meters