Savelovsky intercity rail terminal (russian Савеловский)

Railway station is situated at the Butyrskaya zastava square. Electric trains heading to Dubny (also express-electric train goes there with stops in Bol’shaya Volga and Dmitrov) and Savelovo (Kimry). On their way — Dolgoprudniy, Lobnia, Dmitrov, Taldom etc. Some of the trains are heading Belorussian destination.

Transfer to the Saviolovskaya railway platform. Transfer to the Saviolovskaya subway station.

In 2002 it turned 100 years. It’s the only Moscow railway station, which was named after the town, not the city. Today Saviolovskiy railway station is a modern passenger complex, offering the railroad passengers a wide range of services.

Russian name:  Савеловский вокзал
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Station name:  Moskva-Butyrskaya

Address and phones:

2, Butyrskaya Zastava square

apply for information: (800) 775-00-00 (24-hour)
assistant station-master: (499) 266-89-01

Long-distance trains in the following directions:

Savelovsky vokzal serves suburban directions north of the city.

Commuter rail of Savelovsky:

to Belorus

to Savelovskoe

Trains arrival of Savelovsky station

Railway routes from Savelovsky:

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Savelovsky vokzal on the map:

Transport links to Savelovsky

Subway station Savelovskaya9 - 60 meters

Bus stop Savelovsky vokzal - 140 meters

Bus stop Butyrskaya street - 320 meters

Bus stop Novoslobodskaya street - 370 meters

Bus stop 2nd Kvesisskaya street - 400 meters

Bus stop Vyatskaya street - 430 meters