Rijsky intercity rail terminal (russian Рижский)

Railway station is situated at the Rizhskaya square. Only two trains start from this railway station — heading to Riga and Velikiye Luki. Also local commuter trains start from the railway station and are heading to the stations of: Nakhabino, Dedovsk, Novoiyerusalimskaya (city of Istra), Rumiantsevo, Volokolamsk, Shakhovskaya etc.

Trasfer to the railway platforms Rizhskaya (Oktiabr’skaya railroad) and Rzhevskaya. Trasfer to the «Rizhskaya» subway station.

Rizhskiy railway station services the passengers of north-western railroad directions and those that have connected Moskovskiy and Peterburgskiy districts with the Estlandskaya, Liflandskaya, Kurlandskaya provinces, Vitebsk, Grodno, Warsaw and other cities of western provinces.

Direct electric trains of Rizhskiy railway station connect Moscow with such cities of Mockovskaya oblast’ as Krasnogorsk, Dedovsk, Istra, Volokokamsk.

Russian name:  Рижский вокзал
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Station name:  Moskva-Passajirskaya-Rijskaya

Address and phones:

1, Rijskaya square

apply for information: (495) 631 -15-88
(495) 266-85-00 (24-hour)
assistant station-master: (495) 266-81-72
luggage office: (495) 266-81-30
luggage storage: (495) 266-62-30
lost-and-found desk: (495) 266-62-30

Long-distance trains in the following directions:

Latvia - Riga
Russian internal direction - Sebezh, Velikie Luki, Volokolamsk

Commuter rail of Rijsky:

to Volokolamsk

Trains arrival of Rijsky station

Railway routes from Rijsky:

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Rijsky vokzal on the map:

Transport links to Rijsky

Subway station Rijskaya6 - 220 meters

Bus stop Rijsky vokzal - 110 meters

Bus stop 2nd Krestovsky lane - 210 meters

Bus stop Sushchevsky Val street - 270 meters

Bus stop Street Gilyarovskogo - 290 meters

Bus stop Platform Rjevskaya - 380 meters