Interactive maps and mapping services have now become very popular. Moscow is one of the largest metropolises in the world. Not every resident is able to freely navigate in the city. Our interactive map will help you in Moscow this.
Our site is designed with a detailed map detail to individual houses. You do not need to install special software, because the card is viewed directly from the site. Convenient search engine will help you as soon as possible to find the desired item and make him the best route. Also, our site contains an option with which can accommodate cards on your site.
Instructions for use of the map of Moscow
+ / - Icons to zoom in / out card. You can increase or decrease the scale of the map by clicking on the + / - in the upper left corner of the map, or scroll the mouse wheel.
Moving the map: move your mouse over the map and click the left mouse button. Move the map in the desired direction.
icon as a ruler can measure the distance from point to point. Left-click on it. Mark on the map start and end points of the path by clicking the left mouse button. On the map will be an indication of the path distances in meters.
Ssylka to this part karty From this icon, you can copy the link code snippet and paste it on the map your site or send this link to a friend or partner.
Pechat icon "Print" allows you to print a map of Moscow in a convenient format for printing.
The button "Add Objects" allows you to:
- Set Items: Place your mouse over and click the left mouse button on the icon "Set object". Then click on the desired location on the map. A window appears select the icon to install the card. Select the icon, enter the name and description of the object. Click "Save».
- Add a route: You can lay one or more routes on the map. Left-click on the icon "Add Route". In the window that appears, select the color and line thickness. Select the desired waypoint on the map. Click "Save».
- To keep the map: Click on "Save map". You save a map with the planned route and objects, as well as get it on e-mail.