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Vrachebno fizkul turny dispanser 13

Vrachebno-fizkul`turny dispanser № 13

Name in russian: Врачебно-физкультурный диспансер № 13

Approximate translation: Medical-sports clinic № 13

Address on the map: 54/1, Leningradsky avenue, Moscow

Address, as indicated: Leningradsky prospekt, d. 54/1

Phone 1: +7 (495) 155-82-10

Phone 2: +7 (495) 155-82-07

Details (in the Russian language):  get an approximate translation

Условия приема: Диспансером обслуживаются учащиеся ДЮСШ, спортсмены спортивных секций, население САО и СЗАО г. Москвы.

Top category: Medicine and Health

Сategory: Dispensaries

This information was updated 94 months ago

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Vrachebno-fizkul`turny dispanser № 13 on the map, nearby similar organizations