Western Administrative Okrug ( russian Западный, ЗАО)

Russian name:  Западный округ
Latin transliteration:  Zapadny okrug
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Russian short name:  ЗАО
Latin transliteration:  ZAO
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Western administrative district of Moscow comprises 13 districts of Moscow, which has developed historically for in the names of villages, located on these territories.

ZAO, Moscow has the following restrictions: North, North-East and the East side it is bounded by the Moscow river, on the West of the Moscow ring road, on the South and South-East — Leninsky prospect and prospect Vernadskogo. On the map of Moscow Western administrative district takes about 14% of the total area of the city. On the territory of CJSC area of 15300 ha live 1, 058 million people.

The main sphere of activity of the Western administrative district is industry. On its territory there are about 80 thousand enterprises, of which more than 42 of the industrial enterprises, over 50 research institutions and about 50 construction companies. All these enterprises employed more than 420 thousand people. In General, the industry of the Western administrative district produces a 7.2% of the total production, which is created in Moscow.

In addition, CJSC are more than 20 thousand private enterprises of small and average business, where it is involved about 182 thousand people.

The administrative-territorial division of Western Administrative Okrug: