Troitsky Administrative Okrug ( russian Троицкий, ТАО)

Russian name:  Троицкий округ
Latin transliteration:  Troitsky okrug
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Russian short name:  ТАО
Latin transliteration:  TAO
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Troitsky district of Moscow — a new administrative unit, Moscow, formed from July 1, 2012 as a result of realization of project on expansion of the city territory. Troitsk — settlement and the centre of the Troitsky district, Troitsky district of Moscow. It is 20 km to the South-West from MKAD along Kaluzhskoe highway. First was a district town of the Moscow region, and since 2007 he is in the status of a scientific city. 1 July 2012 included in the structure of Moscow.

Troitsk is a settlement, municipal division he is an urban district. The population of the entire district is 37.6 thousand inhabitants in 2010. The centre of the district, Troitsk has a history that dates back to the 17th century. Its history is connected with the emergence of a large cloth factory. In niches days the city has a developed infrastructure, including modern accommodation, shops, enterprises of consumer services and public health services, kindergartens and secondary schools, two secondary schools, Lyceum and sports school.

The construction of the campus for the State University — Higher school of Economics. Over recent years there is an intensive construction of new housing, so there is expected to surge in the number of city residents. Due to the large workload of the Kaluga highway during rush hour possible congestion.

In Troitsk now there are 10 well-known scientific and research centers, where in Soviet times were 12 thousand people. Institutions and steel-forming factors in Troitsk. Today scientific work, research and development make less than 5 thousand people from all city residents.

Basic institutions are: •Trinity Institute for nuclear research and innovation — it research of thermonuclear fusion, setup works tokamak T-11 •Institute of magnetism and ionosphere of the Earth •Lebedev Physical Institute — provides development and scientific instruments for the physical installation •Institute of physics of high pressure •Institute of spectroscopy, engaged in spectroscopic studies of molecules, atoms, condensed matter, plasma and laser instrument-making and analysis •Institute of spectroscopy •the Department of laser promising technologies from the Institute of problems of information and laser technologies of the city of Troitsk Institute for nuclear research •Technological Institute for superhard and new types of carbon materials

Historically such specifics of the administrative center of the Trinity area that the number of residents with higher education is much higher than the national average. It provides high level of cultural life of the city. For performances, concerts and meetings with interesting people there are cultural city centers of culture and creativity, the House of scientists of the scientific center of Troitsk. In 2007, was put into operation Trinity sports Palace which offers sports activities and regional, and national levels.

The administrative-territorial division of Troitsky Administrative Okrug:

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