Southern Administrative Okrug ( russian Южный, ЮАО)

Russian name:  Южный округ
Latin transliteration:  Yuzhny okrug
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Russian short name:  ЮАО
Latin transliteration:  YuAO
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The southern administrative district of Moscow (sad) is among the twelve districts, which are divided capital of Russia.

South district occupies an area of 132,0 sq. km is 12,2% of the territory of Moscow. From the North it is limited Leninsky Avenue, from the South — the ring road, from the East — valley of the Moskva river, from the West — valley of the river Kotlovka and array Bitsa forest. The region comprises 16 districts.

In terms of population it ranks first among the administrative districts of the capital (about 1.5 million). On the territory of the South administrative district are situated a lot of industrial companies involved in different spheres, as well as research centres, involving about 300 thousand people. Southern administrative district have received many prizes as one of the most comfortable in Moscow. Green zone presents numerous parks, gardens, boulevards, among which there are about 200 monuments of local importance. This, for example, the estate Zagorje, Tsaritsyno, Arsenovski Park and other On the territory of Moscow and Moscow region are various architectural and historical monuments, which can be interesting to visitors of the capital and its inhabitants: nature reserves, museums, Orthodox churches.

The administrative-territorial division of Southern Administrative Okrug:

Southern A.O. on the map: