South-Eastern Administrative Okrug ( russian Юго-Восточный, ЮВАО)

Russian name:  Юго-Восточный округ
Latin transliteration:  Yugo-Vostochny okrug
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Russian short name:  ЮВАО
Latin transliteration:  YuVAO
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South-East administrative district of Moscow is one of the twelve Metropolitan areas. In its territory consists of 12 districts of Moscow. The area SEAD is 117,56 sq. km, that on the map of Moscow takes about 11% of the total capital. On its territory there are more than 1.3 million people, which makes this district is the fifth in Moscow in population.

South-East administrative district of Moscow North-Eastern side is limited Kazan direction of Moscow railway, South-Western valleys of the Moscow river and the Yauza river. From the South-East and East its territory beyond the Moscow ring road. On the territory of the South-Eastern district is located powerful industrial potential, which is focused mainly on machine-building, metallurgy, oil refining and chemical industry. Just SEAD there are about 14 thousand enterprises, which provide more than 100 thousand jobs. Despite the fact that the territory SEAD has many green areas, the environmental situation in the district is not the most favorable. Therefore property prices here are lower than in other districts of Moscow. The area offers a variety of unique architectural and historical monuments, chapels, churches, cathedrals. The Palace and Park ensemble «Kuzminki», located here, even in the list of objects of world cultural site by UNESCO.

The administrative-territorial division of South-Eastern Administrative Okrug:

South-Eastern A.O. on the map: