Novomoskovsky Administrative Okrug ( russian Новомосковский, НАО)

Russian name:  Новомосковский округ
Latin transliteration:  Novomoskovsky okrug
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Russian short name:  НАО
Latin transliteration:  NAO
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Novomoskovsk administrative district — new district of the city of Moscow, which was established on July 1, 2012 as a result of realization of project on expansion of the city territory. In the district is also located in the area Vnukovo, part of the Western administrative district. It is surrounded by the territory of Novomoskovsk administrative district, being its enclave.

This administrative education has an area of 360 km? and the population 113 569 people (according to the last census). In the Novomoskovsk district, according to the decree of the mayor of Moscow, there are 11 towns: Moscow, Vnukovo, Filimonkovskij, Marushchenko, research and design Institute, «Mosrentgen», Demanovska, Voskresenskoye, Kokoshkino, Ryazanovsky and Shcherbinka.

The climate in the district is of temperate-continental, is formed by coming from the West moist winds of the Atlantic. Summers are warm, winters are moderately cold, with stable snow cover. In the transition period in the Novomoskovsk district created one Prefecture, together with the Troitsky district.

The district centre — the city of Moscow, which is the integral part of the Novomoskovsk district of Moscow. Until 1 July 2012, he was the city of Raion subordination within Leninsky district, Moscow region. The city of Moscow, as declared, is the administrative center of the whole district, but at this stage institution Novomoskovsk district are located outside — in Troitsk.

On the territory of the settlement Moscow, the activity is carried out over hundreds economic organizations and enterprises of different ownership forms. The largest are the agro-holding «Moscow», Institute of virus encephalitis, polio them. M. P. Chumakov, Ulyanovsk state farm for ornamental gardening, JSC «United Europe holding» (village Ulianovsky Lesopark)and LLC «Niva-96». On the territory of the settlement there are several open network of the stores: «METRO», «OBI», «Diksi», Hypermarket «NASH», «Rumyantsevo», «Pyaterochka». There is the business Park and the service centers: «Volvo», «Hyundai», «Mitsubishi», «Volkswagen», «Toyota».

Another major city in the district are Shcherbinka, with 32.3 thousand inhabitants. The main enterprises are: Shcherbinsky plant of liftostroitelniy, plants, electro-fused refractories, metal products, gifts and crafts, technological aircraft equipment, plant protective coatings, experimental ring VNIIZHT, scientific and technical center «Bakor and Shcherbinsky printing house. Located near the airport Ostafievo.

Among the main attractions of the district — the Church of St. Nicholas in Kamenskoye, farmstead „Izvarino“, Orthodox cross in the town of Shcherbinka, the estate » Milukova«, the estate of Berga. There are such famous churches, the Church of John the Baptist (, Moscow), the chapel of the icon «the Unfading blossom» (Ulyanovsk Park) and the Church of Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God (village Salarievo).

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