North-Western Administrative Okrug ( russian Северо-Западный, СЗАО)

Russian name:  Северо-Западный округ
Latin transliteration:  Severo-Zapadny okrug
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Russian short name:  СЗАО
Latin transliteration:  SZAO
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North-Western administrative Okrug is among the 12 administrative districts of the capital. It consists of 8 districts of Moscow.

On the Northern side it is limited to residential buildings of area Kurkino, in the South — Khoroshevsky the Park and the Moscow river, in the East — the Khimki reservoir, to the West — Mydomai SZAO, Moscow — about 107 sq. km, that on the map of Moscow is approximately 10.8% of the city. Live in the district 617,6 thousand people is 7.2% of all residents of the capital. On the territory of CJSC has many powerful industrial enterprises and research centers. Very well developed are the spheres of mechanical engineering, radio electronics and light industry. Here there are such large enterprises as Tushino machine building plant, NPO «Mir», Tushino stocking factory and other CJSC is one of the ecologically clean districts of Moscow. Especially comfortable for living areas Kurkino and Strogino. Thanks to the considerable amount of green space, this district is a favorite place for townspeople and visitors of capital. Especially popular beaches in Khimki-2″ and Serebryany Bor. Very attractive for the guests may be different attractions: temples, churches, ancient estates, mansions and parks and alleys.

The administrative-territorial division of North-Western Administrative Okrug:

North-Western A.O. on the map: