Northern Administrative Okrug ( russian Северный, САО)

Russian name:  Северный округ
Latin transliteration:  Severny okrug
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Russian short name:  САО
Latin transliteration:  SAO
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Northern administrative district of Moscow — one of the twelve districts of the capital, which includes 16 districts of Moscow.

Its beginning CAO, Moscow takes about Belarusian station and on the other hand ends outside the Moscow ring road. The Western border is located on the territory of the Khimki reservoir and the Ring railway. The Eastern part is limited to Savelovsky direction of Moscow railway. The area of the Northern administrative district on the map of Moscow is of 113.2 sq km this includes also the territory of the Sheremetyevo airport and the new Molzhaninovskijj district. On the territory of the CAO is home to over 880 thousand people, which is a very large number for such area.

Industrial life of the Northern district very active — there are a lot of industrial enterprises and organizations. Among them there are those that appeared there in the twentieth century. This is a known confectionery factory «Bolshevik», weaving factory them. P. Alekseeva and other recreational CAO is a huge number of recreational parks: Park Dubki, and Timiryazevskaya forest, and Moscow Hippodrome, where you can relax city residents and guests of the capital of the Russian Federation.

The administrative-territorial division of Northern Administrative Okrug: