North-Eastern Administrative Okrug ( russian Северо-Восточный, СВАО)

Russian name:  Северо-Восточный округ
Latin transliteration:  Severo-Vostochny okrug
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Russian short name:  СВАО
Latin transliteration:  SVAO
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North-East administrative district of city of Moscow is one of the largest in the capital of the Russian Federation. Its area is 106,7 sq. km, which is almost 10% on the map of Moscow. The population is about 1.25 million people. In the district there are 17 districts of Moscow, the main part of which is occupied by residential buildings.

On the territory of North-Eastern administrative district of Moscow there are a lot of people — the population density of this district is on the first place in the capital. A huge area is given under green plantations. The Northern border of Moscow and Moscow region are located outside the Moscow ring road and stretches South to the Marina grove. In the West the district is limited Savelovsky direction of Moscow railway, and in the East — Yaroslavl highway. On the territory of Moscow and Moscow region has many historical values, as well as objects of Federal importance. It Ostankino TV tower and Television centre «Ostankino», the Main Botanical garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences, all-Russian exhibition center and other attractions. Also here are concentrated many scientific and industrial institutions and organizations, as well as the cultural places of interest like theatres, museums, churches and temples. The unique feature of NEAD is that he districts go all kinds of public transportation in Moscow.

In the Northern administrative district is a considerable number of large industrial enterprises. Many of them founded the last century — such as weaving factory them. P. Alekseeva, confectionery factory "Bolshevik«cosmetic Association «Freedom». Muscovites and guests can spend their free time in different parks and recreation areas (Petrovsky Park, Timiryazev forest, Park Dubki, Moscow Hippodrome).

The administrative-territorial division of North-Eastern Administrative Okrug:

North-Eastern A.O. on the map: