Eastern Administrative Okrug ( russian Восточный, ВАО)

Russian name:  Восточный округ
Latin transliteration:  Vostochny okrug
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Russian short name:  ВАО
Latin transliteration:  VAO
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Among the ten administrative regions and is located in the Eastern administrative district of Moscow. It focused 16 major districts.

Of all administrative districts of HLW, Moscow ranks first in size and second in the number of people living on its territory, people, whose number is at 1,384 million. On the map of Moscow its area is 15% of the total area of the capital.

Regarding the city HLW is limited by the Moscow ring road on the East side, Yaroslavl direction of the railway from Western, national Park elk island — from the North and the Ryazan direction of the railway with the South.

HLW is one of the most ecologically clean districts of Moscow. Its territory is rich in greenery that reduce the detrimental effects from here enterprises and major roads.

A huge number of forest plantations situated on the territory of the Eastern administrative town. This national parks, and historic houses ,and many ancient churches and famous Preobrazhenskoye cemetery. In addition, in its territory is known all over the world Cherkizovsky market.

The administrative-territorial division of Eastern Administrative Okrug: