Central Administrative Okrug ( russian Центральный, ЦАО)

Russian name:  Центральный округ
Latin transliteration:  Tsentralny okrug
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Russian short name:  ЦАО
Latin transliteration:  CAO
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Central administrative district (CAO) is located in the center of Moscow and includes 10 districts.

The Central administrative district of Moscow is located in the Central part of the capital. He is one of the 12 districts, which are separated by Moscow. The territory of the CAO is 66,18 sq. km, the population — about 750 thousand people. Just CAO consists of 10 districts of Moscow.

The area of the district is a 6% on the map of Moscow. Its borders are virtually identical to the city until 1912. The number of institutions and organizations on the territory of the CAO has no equal in the entire city. There are a huge number of theatres, government agencies (including the Kremlin, most ministries of Russia, government House of the Russian Federation, the Federation Council, state Duma), office buildings, shopping centers and other

Six of the nine stations of Moscow are located on the territory of the Central administrative district. All large industrial enterprises and arrays are trying to migrate from districts outside the city. In their place are organized cultural centers and offices. Therefore, most of the monuments of culture, both the capital and throughout the country are concentrated here. Especially interesting is the cultural places of interest, as the Moscow Kremlin, State Tretyakov gallery, the Russian State library. Besides, on the territory of the CAO are major trading halls (the GUM, TSUM and others), as well as restaurants, cafes, bars and other establishments.

The administrative-territorial division of Central Administrative Okrug:

Central A.O. on the map: