Organizations of Moscow

No city in the world can compare with Moscow over its extraordinary beauty and luxury. This is a huge metropolis of museums, theaters, shopping and exhibition centers, as well as entertainment centers. In addition, Moscow is one of the major scientific, political, economic and cultural centers of Russia. All major financial institutions of the country, including major banks are located in the capital. Also in Moscow, concentrated all state-owned industrial enterprises and foreign affiliates: factories, mills and manufactories. Each year, the number of companies multiplied, so the address database is updated every day by hundreds of new items.

Our interactive map of Moscow will become your faithful companion, if you need to always have on hand a list of useful business contacts. On the pages of our service, all data collected about the capital's address. You can easily find addresses and phone numbers of any office or bank, company or organization. Housed in our directory of organizations will be useful not only for those who work in business, but also to residents and guests of the capital of Russia.

Find relevant information on the pages of our site extremely easy. To do this, just select the category to which the organization of interest to you. Then you will see a list of all the institutions that belong to this category. Just one click on the name of the organization - and before you all the information about it, as well as its location on Moscow map and description of transport by which it can get.

Cumulative index of organizations by categories

Advertising, printingOrganizations: 6 963Categories: 75 Animals and plantsOrganizations: 1 432Categories: 29 Audio, video, home appliancesOrganizations: 2 028Categories: 42 Auto and MotoOrganizations: 7 770Categories: 67 BeautyOrganizations: 6 677Categories: 22 ChildrenOrganizations: 3 983Categories: 48 Clothing, footwearOrganizations: 7 266Categories: 53 Computers and office equipmentsOrganizations: 2 589Categories: 24 ConnectionOrganizations: 3 393Categories: 45 Construction and repairOrganizations: 11 160Categories: 106 Culture, ArtsOrganizations: 4 235Categories: 64 Ecology Organizations: 317Categories: 9 Education, careerOrganizations: 3 456Categories: 52 FarmingOrganizations: 745Categories: 28 Finance and insuranceOrganizations: 6 345Categories: 31 FoodstuffsOrganizations: 6 485Categories: 55 Government agenciesOrganizations: 1 444Categories: 39 Government and politicsOrganizations: 661Categories: 12 Industrial equipmentOrganizations: 4 896Categories: 138 IndustryOrganizations: 5 186Categories: 120 Interior, construction of housingOrganizations: 9 002Categories: 84 International BusinessOrganizations: 763Categories: 5 InternetOrganizations: 1 116Categories: 12 LawOrganizations: 3 042Categories: 19 LeisureOrganizations: 5 873Categories: 62 Media, PrintOrganizations: 2 849Categories: 17 Medicine and HealthOrganizations: 7 162Categories: 84 Municipal services and utilitiesOrganizations: 2 508Categories: 30 OfficeOrganizations: 1 474Categories: 22 People with disabilitiesOrganizations: 247Categories: 5 Real estateOrganizations: 5 237Categories: 29 ReligionOrganizations: 445Categories: 9 Restaurant BusinessOrganizations: 3 907Categories: 21 ScienceOrganizations: 1 996Categories: 43 SecurityOrganizations: 2 544Categories: 33 ServicesOrganizations: 13 111Categories: 83 Social organizationsOrganizations: 1 847Categories: 11 SportOrganizations: 5 083Categories: 38 Tourism, hotel businessOrganizations: 5 143Categories: 24 TradingOrganizations: 26 224Categories: 129 Transport and LogisticsOrganizations: 4 280Categories: 64