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Map of Moscow main page
E Interactive Moscow map

Map of Moscow is an excellent resource to ensure that as soon as possible to easily pave the optimal route to the desired object. Our site is designed with a detailed map detail to individual houses. Convenient search engine will help you as soon as possible to find the desired item and make him the best route.

Moscow Metro Scheme

Scheme of the Moscow Metro. Find subway stations on the map. List of Metro stations. Link to detailed map of Moscow. Find the nearest station to the specified address. A complete list of stations Moscow Metro.

Administrative divisions of Moscow

Moscow - a major world metropolis. Ten counties and their constituent regions are territorial units of the Moscow city. Share on Moscow districts were still under Soviet rule, from 1917. For many years, were the changes in names, boundaries, number of districts. In 1995, the procedure is completed and is now in Moscow there are 125 districts.

On our website we have tried to visualize the possible areas of Moscow. Here you can find out what area is a particular area, what area is bordered, learn about the population density of each of them, the infrastructure, become familiar with the list of businesses located within the boundaries of the district. For your convenience, all plotted on the map of the subway station, available in the area. Guests will receive information about the capital of cultural and historical places. The card also allows you to search for addresses of homes, shops, businesses and institutions. Using our directory, you can easily explore all areas of Moscow.

Streets of Moscow

In our database, the streets of Moscow are the full list - more than four thousand, including all streets, thoroughfares, squares, embankments, highways, avenues and blind alleys, avenues and boulevards. In so many easy to get lost even the natives. Our directory will help you navigate in this variety. For quick and easy searches the streets of Moscow on our site are placed in alphabetical order.

By selecting the required letter, you get a full list of available streets in the city, starting with the given letters. The very names of the streets are active links, clicking on which you access the map of Moscow with the image of the street, boulevard, avenue, etc. In addition, our online directory allows you to find not only the right street, but almost any object placed on it or in its neighborhood (pharmacies, hospitals, police stations, shops, schools, etc.) with the exact location of it.

On the streets of Moscow looking for you can learn in parallel and a lot more information that will help you with the selection or determination of the direction of motion. Namely, to any district and the district owns the street, her zip code, location of buildings and information about them (including those that are in these firms, companies, organizations and institutions), passing and crossing this street views of land transport, they stop and routes, nearby subway station, the optimal scheme to get to your destination and even the possibility of removal or buying an apartment.

Moscow subway

Metro now - it's one of the major transportation systems of every major city, and our website is the main conduit for the subway. Daily services of the Moscow Metro are more than 9 million people. This colorful pattern of the Moscow Metro, a familiar and recognizable, we find everywhere. And our online guide is no exception.

Here you can get detailed information about the work and the rules of the use the Moscow metro, learn more about each of the 12 existing lines, stations and interchange nodes. To find the desired station developed a convenient system of search and the ability to view a map of Moscow.

Railway system

In 1851, when the railway arrived from St. Petersburg to Moscow railway transport begins its active development. Now in Moscow, in its various parts are nine intercity rail terminal (vokzal, in russian) - Belarus, Kazan, Kiev, Kursk, Leningrad, Paveletsky, Riga, Savyolovsky, Yaroslavl. At Savelovsky commuter train station are carried out only transportation. With the rest of the train station ply both the commuter, intercity, and international routes.

All the information about timetables and trains can be know, using our resources. Also on site you will find the necessary contact information for the station - the address telephone directory, mode of operation of banks Ticket. Learn the history of construction station and get to know him infrastructure. This information will be particularly useful visitors, it will allow us to find territory of the station desired object - pharmacy, shop, and other public significant objects. The site has information about timetables of trains and electric trains. About how to proceed to a particular station, You can also find on our website. High-speed transport - it is not only the railway Transportation in Moscow, but also a monorail line roads, details of which you can get in our directory.

The site contains the full list of railway stations.

Land city transport of Moscow

For many associates in Moscow primarily with one of the most beautiful and the world's longest subway. However, not less value has ground transportation in Moscow - shuttles, trolleys, buses, trams, light metro - which carries day to 12 million passengers and without which it is impossible to imagine life a major metropolis. Ground Transportation Moscow dramatically reduces the load on underground and connects those areas of the capital, where underground lines are not laid.

Accurate data on the routes urban public land Transport of Moscow will find best route from home to home. In our database contains list of all routes of urban public transport Moscow - bus routes, routes of trolley buses, trams, taxi (minibus). In addition to schemes of urban routes traffic on the website provides information regional transport routes. On Using our services you can search for the optimal route almost from apartment to apartment.

List of stops Moscow on our web site contains data on bus stops Moscow Transport (buses, trolley buses, minibuses, trams) as of the entire route, and the final stop. In Depending on the location of the object can be seen on the interactive map of Moscow where is the nearest stop and how to her go.

About Moscow

Moscow - the capital Russian Federation, one of the largest cities in the world.

History of Moscow began in 1147. The official of the city is considered a pioneer Yuri Dolgoruky - Prince of Rostov-Suzdal.
Moscow - one of the largest city by population, both in Russia and in Europe.
According to official figures for 2010 in the Moscow population 11.51 million.
In fact, this figure is much higher. The city is located in the heart of the European part of Russia, between the rivers Volga and Oka.
The area of the capital is equal to 1081 square meters. Most of the city (877 sq. km.) Encircles Moscow - Moscow Ring Road.
The city is divided into two parts, the Moscow River.
Today Moscow - is not only the capital of Russia. They are:
• the enormous trade and economic center of Russia, where all the major banks, representatives of Russian and foreign companies, etc.
• the main transportation center of Russia. There are nine railway stations, eleven railroads, four major airports - Domodedovo, Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo, Bykovo, 13 road links with major cities of Russia, near and far abroad.

The capital is also one of the world's largest underground, which is not only the main public transport in Moscow, but also an outstanding architectural monuments.
Most major center of political, economic, cultural, scientific and tourist development in Russia. There are a large number of industrial enterprises, research institutions, historical and architectural values.

Our portal is not only an interactive map of Moscow, but also a huge database where you can find information about any address, routes, trolley buses, trams, buses, subways and trains, the infrastructure of any city and community organizations.
Our users can find the necessary objects on the map of Moscow, add new ones, to follow for traffic jams in real time. You can also use our map to add a location map and a map to your own site.